High School Graduation Gift For Her

 H igh school graduates are at an interesting age; into only what is ‘cool’ or currently trending, high schoolers tend to think a lot of things are lame. Therefore, buying a cool high school graduation gift can get rather tricky. No one wants to congratulate the graduate with a bad, or totally uncool gift!

While after high school there still remains a lot of school to get through—college and perhaps even grad school—the accomplishment is still pretty big and really signifies the end of being truly young and sheltered. Whether a high school graduate is moving along to college or seeking  full time employment, life is about to change in more ways than they even know!

Keep in mind that most high school graduates do not neccisarilly want something practical, instead they just want to have some fun—and after all of their hard work they deserve it! Buy a graduation gift for girls that will be loved, cherished, and brought forth into the next chapter of her life with any one of these great high school graduation gift ideas.

Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Watch $170

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ZAD 3 Peacock Feather Bracelets &17

These hippie-friendly bracelets are 100% in style and will be approved by any fashion-loving high school graduate that loves to wear stacks of bracelets up and down her wrists.

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Kate Spade Bow Bracelet $78

The blue accent on this classic Kate Spade bow bracelet makes it youthful enough to delight a high school graduate, while being mature enough to follow them into college or on the job.

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The Naked Roommate:Issues You Might Run Into in College $6

Although I never suggest giving a book as the only graduation gift, this surely does make a slightly comical, and informative gift idea if given alongside something else.

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Trendy Cross Body Bag

Graduation comes just before summer and no matter what the graduates future plans may be, they will surely have many fun adventures in the following months and years. Therefore, purchase the graduate a great, stylish bag that will operate as the perfect carryall along the way.


Minnetonka Fringe Handbag $50

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Kate Spade $178

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Quilted Crossbody with Metal Chain $17

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Engraved Graduation Cross $25

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Graduation Bear $11

While any 2013 high school graduate might be too young to remember the Beanie Baby craze that swept the Nation some 15 years ago, everyone loves a snuggly graduation gift! This ty beanie Babie Bear proudly holds a sign that reads, “You Did It!”

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18k Gold 1.5 Carat Tennis Bracelet $50

Big savings on this diamond tennis bracelet, making it the perfect luxurious gift for any high school graduate due to the affordable price tag!

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Diamond Earrings

You don’t have to be a millionaire to afford diamond earrings for a high school graduation gift for her, these affordable pairs of blingy ear accessories will make any graduate shine form ear to ear—literally!


¼ Carrot Weight Diamond Earrings $150

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1/6 Carat White Gold Diamond Earrings $50

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