Cat Lover Gift Ideas

 W hile to some, cats only seem like self-obsessed loners, to others there is no cooler pet on the planet than a cuddly kitty! If you have ever owned a cat yourself you know just how special the bound between human and feline can be, plus since cats are not that much work they are always worth their kisses in care and keep!

Signs someone would appreciate a gift for cat lovers:

-If they talk about cats, their own or just cats in general, on any sort of regular basis.

-If they use their cat’s names in stories so that an outsider might confuse “Chuck” for a child instead of a cat.

-If they volunteer at animal shelters, donate to any animal protection services, or participate in some sort of animal related charity.

-Do people call them the cat-lady, or cat-man?

Although people that spend much of their lives obsessing over cats will appreciate a cat related gift, so will someone who simply has a cat or two they come home to at night. Anyone who has a special place in their heart for their kitty friend will appreciate one of these great gifts for cat lovers!

Comical Kitten-Tees

Any one of these unique cat-themed t-shirts will be worn and cherished by a cat lover, plus some are also sure to grant a few good laughs too.


The Mountain Kittens Tee T-Shirt $14-$35

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Cat Pizza T-Shirt $21

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Grumpy Cat Tee $15-$23

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Cat Daddy: The Book $13

Anyone that is a fan of cats has probably seen Jackson Galaxy’s television show, My Cat From Hell, in which Jackson goes to the homes of people who have truly bad behaved cats that are ruining their lives. This book is a great gift for anyone that loves cats and wishes to strengthen their bond with their own.

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Sterling Silver Diamond-Accent Cat Pendant $30

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I Could Pee On This: And Other Poems By Cats $10

This hysterical book full of poems ‘written’ by cats will have any cat lover rolling on the floor with laughter; they will surly place this book on their shelves as a forever favorite.

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Cat-Opoly Monopoly Board $25

A new take on the classic game of Monopoly, Cat-Opoly is made just for cat lovers!

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Cat Measuring Spoon Set $11

Any cat lover will be delighted to receive these tablespoon and teaspoon measuring spoons. The cute cat faces painted onto each one will brighten their day every time they cook!

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Kissing Salt and Pepper Cat Shakers $14

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Necklace For Cat  Lover $30

This reversible pendant reads,“In a Purrfect World Every Cat Would Have A Home and Every Home Would Have A Cat.” 

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Cat Ring Holders $12

Each one of these little figurine cats has a long tail made just for stacking rings—this set comes with 3 cats, perfect for keeping a multitude of jewelry safe, while also offering something pleasant to the cat lovers’ eye.

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Black and White Cat Necklace

This necklace has .25ct of black and white diamonds that make up the body of the beautiful black cat.

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Cat Magazine Subscription

Any cat owner will appreciate a cat magazine subscription, each one packed with the latest ways to keep your cat safe and healthy while also providing entertaining, enlightening, and heartfelt articles.


Cat Fancy Magazine

Cat Fancy is one of the most popular cat-related magazines; it costs $15 for a one year subscription.

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I Love Cats Magazine

If you know, or worry, that your loved one already has the Cat Fancy subscription, this I Love Cats magazine is also quickly gaining popularity and will be loved by any cat fan. For a one-year subscription of I Love Cats you pay only $24.

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