Fun and Creative Gift Ideas

 H ere are some great creative gift ideas to help you give the best gift ever– every time!

Decorative Tee Made Just For Me!

Inside jokes, funny memories, your friends’ favorite saying—no matter what you decide to adorn a t-shirt with, just make it special to your loved one and they are sure to adore it. The most important thing is to buy a shirt that will last and be comfortable, allowing one to get a lot of use out of their personalized t-shirt.

Women’s Eco Friendly Tee $20

This t-shirt is available in many different colors, pick the one that will best play backdrop to your creative ideas!

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Fabric Paint $25

Although there are a lot of options when it comes to embellishing fabric, this fabric paint kit will come in handy, especially if you’re the artistic type.

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Avery T-Shirt Transfers for Inkjet Printer $17

If you don’t think your handwriting or drawing is good enough to splash on a t-shirt, try these Avery transfer sheets, which easily allow you to print images straight from your computer onto t-shirts in beautiful quality.

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Personalized iPhone Case $13

Instead of buying a standard cell phone case, get creative with your gift giving and buy a personalized iPhone case! This iPhone case comes with a keychain as well—but even just the one-of-a-kind cell case is a delight to receive! Find a great picture to upload and this case will really brighten your loved ones’ day, every time they look at their phone.

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Jewelry Box–Memento included $26

This plush pink jewelry box is a great gift on its own, but if you want to get creative make sure to add something special to the inside of this box. That way, when your friend opens it they will find 2 surprises instead of just 1! Things to include can be handmade or purchased items—jewelry is most common, but notes, knick knacks and other meaningful memorabilia is also a good idea.

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14k Yellow Gold Locket $90

This yellow gold locket is extra special because it has a place for 4 separate photos within its golden arms. Get creative and find great, small, photos that your loved one will want to wear around their neck, close to their heart. The pictures are a big part of the present, the amazing gold locket is only frosting on a perfect cake!

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Jacquard Tie Dye Kit $15

You, or whoever you gift this tie dye kit to, will have some serious fun creating tie-dye products that can be worn, gifted, and adored for years to come.

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Creativity Included—The Gift of Creativity

If the person you are gifting is a creative soul, they will appreciate a gift that allows their inner creativity to shine. The following creative gift ideas are fun for all age groups—so long as the person you are gifting is young at heart or loves art!

Pop-Art Necklaces $17

Not only are these pop-art necklaces really fun to make, they are pretty cool jewelry to make for yourself, friends, or kids—plus, you can also use the pendants as decoration in numerous creative ways.

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Darice 80-Piece Art Set $21

This art set is a great price for so many artistic tools—all stored in a beautiful mahogany box.

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French Style Easel $73

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