End of Year Teacher Gift Ideas

 A s another school year comes to a close, teachers start looking forward to summer vacation just as much as their students! Many of my own friends are teachers so I know for a fact that they are ready to soak up some fun, although teachers will miss seeing their students every weekday, after a whole year they are very fond of their class. Let your teacher know that you appreciate them and it will mean the world to them, even improving their personal outlook over vacation.

Willow Tree Love of Learning $16

This Willow Tree figurine is delicate enough to be decoration in any classroom, but gorgeous enough to likely end up in the teacher’s home! Teachers want to install a love of learning in their students; gifting them this figurine will thank them for doing just that.

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Coffee Mug For Teachers $17

This coffee mug for teachers reads: “I’m a teacher. What’s your super power?” The perfect compliment after a long year!

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Thank You: A Book For Teachers $10

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Teacher Decorative Figurine $13

This beautiful and very unique figurine will be the star of any teacher’s desk—something about it is just so inspirational as well, being that in the future the students of today will still remember all of their special educators, making this a great unique teacher gift idea.

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Dogeared World’s Best Teacher Necklace $52-$62

Not every female teacher wants a necklace that screams the words ‘teacher,’ but this Dogeared teacher’s necklace is special in that it’s trendy, while also being sentimental. Available in gold-tipped or silver, any teacher is sure to wear this necklace often!

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Classroom Book Set Gift $50

Gift your child’s classroom a set of books that future classes will enjoy reading, the teacher will be very appreciative as a good teacher’s number one goal is to do what’s best for the children that walk through their door.

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Personalized Ruler For Teacher $10

This ruler will be laser engraved with your teacher’s name, making it an extra special ruler they will always keep in their desk—never forgetting the sweet student that gifted it to them.

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Teacher School Notepad $5

These fun notebooks make the perfect teacher gift idea, any teacher will like writing notes on these inspirational sheets of fun paper!

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School Bus Stapler $15

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Apple Post-it Pop-Up Notes $8

Little teacher desk accessories, like this Apple pop-up for post-its, will make any teacher go gaga!

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Crystal Apple Paperweight $26

Speaking of apples, this crystal glass apple is perfect for teachers of any grade-level, classy enough to sit on the desk of a college professor but adorable enough to make a Kindergarten teacher blush.

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