Gift Ideas For Your Boss

 B uying your boss a gift can grant you favors in the future while also solidifying your presence in the office. The key is to make sure your boss gift idea is appropriate for your individual circumstances, and will not jeopardize your job in any way, or be so flashy that it raises an eye of concern, not only from your boss but from coworkers as well. No need to worry though, these Boss Gift Ideas will help you find just what your boss is looking for!

Desk Name Plate $20

If your boss does not already have their own name plaque on their desk, it is a must that you gift them one! Just make sure to create an engraving that pays tribute to their powerful position, on the other hand—if you have a more playful relationship with your boss, you can get more creative with the inscriptions.

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Charging Wall Street Bull Bronze Statue $45

This Wall Street bull bronze statue makes the perfect promotion gift idea for your boss, as the bull signifies a powerful force not to be reckoned with. Also, if your boss is an active investor he will appreciate the symbolism of the bull even more.

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World’s Best Boss Mug, Middle-Finger Gag Gift $12

I know I said that you want to be appropriate when buying a gift for your boss, so unless you know your supervisor will find the middle finger at the very bottom of this ceramic “World’s Best Boss” mug funny, you should probably save this as a boss retirement gift only!

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Bucket List Journal $20

This eco friendly hard cover journal is a unique boss gift idea for the creative types out there.

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Ballpoint Pen with 23k Gold Plated Features $30

This pen writes beautifully and looks sleek, it will quickly become your boss’s new go-to!

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Best Boss Trophy $11

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Greatest Business Leaders Book $30

In tribute to the great leader your boss is, buy this book that details the best business leaders of the twentieth century. For extra brownie points, scrawl a note on the inside cover detailing the reasons your boss is such a great leader in your eyes!

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NO! Button For Boss $13

For the boss that can’t say “No” enough, and actually gets a kick out of doing so, this “No!” button is the perfect boss gift idea to get them laughing– just be prepared, this is a gift that might backfire ;).

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Garden Bird Feeder For Nature-Loving Boss $25

Sure this isn’t the best boss gift for all, but knowing personal things about your boss can open up a wide variety of gift ideas—outside of work they are people too!! In the instance that your boss is a nature lover, this garden bird feeder will make an excellent boss gift idea.

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“Identity” Fearless Bracelet For Boss $150

This gorgeous delicate charm bracelet by Identity has the words FEARLESS engraved on the band, showing your boss just how much you admire her, all the while adding a truly special piece of jewelry to her collection. While a jewelry gift over $100 might seem like too much for a boss, this bracelet is an exception because it does not look super showy—therefore if your boss happens to find out what it costs she will simply be impressed that you bought her something expensive, not because everyone would instantly know how much it costs, but because it was a truly perfect item for her!

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