Personalized Gifts For Kids

Personalized Gifts For Kids

Kids are not nearly as sentimental as adults, therefore the same personalized mementoes that tickle grown-ups pink are in danger of boring most children to tears! To please any kid, plus give them a meaningful and personalized present, here are some great personalized gifts for kids– both boys and girls!

Personalized Stool For Girls $55

The perfect gift for young girls is the personalized children’s stool, kids struggle to reach everyday objects– even that toothbrush near the back of the counter can be just out of grasp, therefore this stool will give little ones the leg-up they need, while also doubling as a fun personalized puzzle toy.

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Pink & Personalized Kid’s Chair $110

Young girls will go nuts for this personalized kid’s chair!

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Kid Name Plaque $35

Adorn her room with something sweet and personalized, like this name plaque which will make any little girl feel just like a pampered princess!

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Personalized Dancer BackPack $35

Any young dancer will love this backpack, perfectly personalized with their name! They will feel special anywhere that they carry it, making you worthy of a great gift giving award!

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Personalized Chair For Boys $200

This vinyl recliner is ideal for boys as it is rather masculine, yet still personalized with their name scripted in white across the regal headrest.

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Personalized Book Shelf $60

Give a child a gift they will not only love and treasure but get smarter from—as a personalized book shelf only means more books will need to be bought and read!

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Girly Bookshelf with Pink Script $70

If it’s a girly-girl you’re shopping for, this pink scripted bookshelf will make for the perfect personalized gift!

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Toy Box With Child’s Name $170

This white toy chest with pink lettering is perfect gift idea for little girls, this will truly make them feel like a princess—plus it will help keep their room looking neater!

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Personalized Step ‘n Store For Boys $50

For little boys that want to reach all of the things Daddy can, while also supplying a place to conveniently store his little odds and ends.

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Personalized Puzzle Stool For Boys $55

Help boys reach all that Daddy can with his very own personalized step stool; not only will the puzzle  give them a toy to play with, but it will even teach them to spell their own name.

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Melissa & Doug Personalized Art Smock $10

Keep an art-loving kid mess-free with this comfortable and adorable little artists smock, best part is that there is a place for the child to create their own personalized name tag!

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Engraveable Bracelet For Child $30

Buy this Sterling Silver Heart bracelet and then have it engraved with something extra-special; delicate and delightful, it shall be worn for years to come.

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14k Gold Filled Children’s Engraved Bracelet $50

Beautiful 14k gold filled, this children’s personalized bracelet can be engraved with anything you wish.

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Personalized Kid CD Kit $10

Your music, your name—kids love nothing more, this will be a gift never forgotten or duplicated!

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Personalized Child Name Bracelet $160

This bracelet is more than just engraved, with the name of any child actually mended into the sterling silver.

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Child’s Engraved Locket $30

This sterling silver locket is made especially for children, have it engraved and they will keep it forever.

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School Memories Keepsake Photo Album $16

More for kids in the future than now, this keepsake book will track their lives all the way through school, offering them an excellent source of information to look back on with great memories someday.

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