18th Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

 18is a big birthday! In Western culture it signifies the beginning of adulthood– officially your parents will not be called anymore if you get into trouble, and you can go into the market and buy a pack of cigarettes. Life is good at 18, now and in the future with so much opportunity waiting ahead– perhaps that’s what makes 18 one of the landmark birthdays we celebrate, the ones we shouldn’t ever forget! Make sure she doesn’t forget her 18th birthday by getting her a gift(s) worth squealing over; need help? Here are some great 18th birthday gift ideas proven to do the trick!

Made in 1995 T-Shirt

Anyone that is turning 18 in 2013 was born in 1995—therefore this shirt will be make for a fun birthday gift idea! Plus, the cute colors and snug fit make this t-shirt ‘cool’ enough for an 18-year-old’s wardrobe!

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Daisy by Marc Jacobs $60

Perfume makes for a great 18th birthday gift idea, you just want to make sure that the scent selected is approved by the youthful– buy with confidence, this Marc Jacobs perfume is very popular among young adults.

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Juicy Couture Women’s Jelly Strap Watch $140

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Kate Spade Bow Earrings $50

Bows are a go-to accessory these days, and these Kate Spade earrings make them look oh so good– a great 18th birthday gift idea!

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Kate Spade Idiom Reversible Necklace$60

Since young women love to change their mind a lot, give her options on her eighteenth birthday with this reversible Kate Spade necklace.

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Sam Edelman Circus Sandal $50

These Sam Edelman sandals will be worn summer after summer, and since a lot of 18-year-olds are embarking on the beginning of their college careers, there won’t be tons of extra cash for new shoes for a while; thankfully this brand, Sam Edelman, always stands up to the challenge—as they say, these sandals were made for walking… and gifting!

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Dogeared Birthday Wishes Necklace $50

All Dogeared jewelry comes with beautiful sayings that make any birthday gift even more complete; this wishes reminder necklace is made especially for saying Happy Birthday! with style, class, fashion.

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Unlock Your Potential Dogeared Necklace $60

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First Set of Diamonds

Diamonds are a common 18th birthday gift idea; as one is now officially an adult they are ready for their first, real, beautiful piece of jewelry.  Here are some affordable diamond selections that will make any 18th birthday that much more special! Plus, a gift like this is kept and treasured forever.

10k White Gold Emerald Round Diamond Ring $120

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1/5 CT Diamond Stud Earrings $120

Available in both white-gold and yellow-gold.

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1/2 CT Diamond Stud Earings $300

These earrings have a slightly higher price tag but they are substantially larger, plus they have screw-on backs which might save them from getting lost– turning 18 means one still has a lot of partying left to do, therefore the screw-on backs these come with might make a necessary extra precaution to keep these precious earrings from falling into harms way. Gorgeous and unique, this earrings will stand out as the best 18th birthday gift ever!

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18th Birthday Tiara $20

This 18th birthday tiara comes with a keepsake box for the birthday girl to store her crown within after wearing it on her big night!

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For My Daughter Framed Poem $15

If it’s a daughter’s birthday gift you are shopping for, this framed poem will make for a great side gift– something she might enjoy later in life more-so than now, but a nice gesture she will appreciate nonetheless.

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