21st Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

I remember my first outing when I turned 21– sure I’d been out to clubs and venues before using fake IDs or by the luck of fate– but going out, legally, it’s so different– exciting, and fun; like the real start of your adult life! Since turning 21 is such a big deal, make sure to arrive with a great 21st birthday gift in hand; enjoy these birthday gift ideas for her, we know she will.

21st Birthday Tiara $6

Every birthday girl needs her own tiara– go the extra mile with this personalized 21st birthday tiara.

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Happy 21st Bday Wine Glass $22

No need to beat around the beer googles– 21 year olds have one thing in mind: drinking; making this 21st birthday wine glass a rather fitting birthday girl gift.

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Jules Smith Tribal Necklace $140

This big, bad Jules Smith necklace will make any outfit that much more in style and complete; since 21 signals the onset of a more mature style, this necklace will make for the perfect start to a more adult collection of nice, yet fun, pieces.

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21st Birthday Wish Bracelet $70

With its delicate ’21’ charm, this beautiful beaded bracelet is made just for 21st birthdays.

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Heart & Pearl Drop Necklace $50

This classic necklace can be worn dressed up or dressed down, with a fun & flirty top, or paired with a conservative blouse; Tiffany & Co makes a very similar necklace that is priced at a much higher cost, so if the girl you are gifting is not a brand snob this necklace will make for an affordable, yet really nice, 21st birthday gift idea!

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Twenty-First Birthday Frame For Her $12

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The Bartender’s Best Friend $14

Most 21 year olds plan to do more drinking– if only just to say that they finally, legally, can! The problem is, they likely don’t know much about mixed drinks and cocktails– this book will open their eyes to all of the amazing drinks they can order out at the bars, or make at home; drinks that are much better than the standard rum and coke or soda over vodka they chugged in their earlier, ‘illegal‘ drinking years.

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Margaritaville Frozen Drink Maker $350

The Margaritaville machine will last many years, long after ones’ 21st birthday has come and gone; leaving them forever thankful for this 21st birthday gift that allows them to make so many delicious drinks- with or without alcohol included!

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Kate Spade Wristlet $60

This Kate Spade wristlet will be any girls’ best friend, day or night. Comfortable to carry, light weight, and available in 3 colors (green, blue, & beige). Young women are busy and don’t want to be burdened by a big purse all of the time, this wristlet will give them the option to go out bag-less, in striking style might I add.

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Solitaire Diamond Pendant $350

This 14k gold, 1/3 total carat weight diamond solitaire necklace is a stunning piece. Perfect for an affordably lavish 21st birthday gift idea, it is also available in yellow-gold.

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Stackable Bracelets For Style and Glam

Have you noticed stacks of bracelets dangling up and down her wrists? If so, add to her collection with one of these amazing bracelets– simple enough to be worn on the regular, but nice enough to be 21st birthday gift material!

14k Gold Stone & Diamond Tennis Bracelet $470

Even more stunning than this bracelets beauty, is that you save over $1,000 off the actual resale cost!  Get ready for eyes to light up and hearts to palpitate with love, as a bracelet this beautiful will leave any girl speechless, and full of glee! Available in your choice of: Amethyst, Blue-Topaz, Citrane, Garnet, Peridot, or Smoky-Quartz– the only problem will be deciding which color to buy, with each shade more beautiful than the next!!!

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Sterling Silver Simulated Diamond Tennis Bracelet $70

This simulated diamond bracelet comes with the same sparkle and glam of a very expensive genuine diamond tennis bracelet, sans the hefty price tag.

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Sterling Silver Twist Cable Cuff Bracelet $100

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House of Harlow Sunburst Pendant $65

So unique, and for someone with just the right style this necklace could easily become their favorite 21st birthday present.

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House of Harlow Locket $75

Who could deny the allure of this unique locket made by House of Harlow? Add a photo to make this 21st birthday gift personalized; comes in a beautiful gift box.

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Author: Becky

Hello! I am a horseback riding writer with an incessant fetish for shopping and sharing the best gift ideas on the market.

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