21st Birthday Gift Ideas For Him

Guys love to get rowdy, and when it comes to 21st birthdays they make no exceptions: things are bound to get nuts– and why shouldn’t they? One is finally legal and free to order drinks until the clubs close down! This is a birthday all about celebrating, letting loose, and living within moments that will be forever cherished– look to these 21st birthday gift ideas for him to say Happy Birthday just right this year!

Legally 21 Birthday Cake Hat $14

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Bottle Opener Rings $4

This comical 21st birthday gift idea is also rather practical, sure to get a lot of use as the birthday celebrations kick off into action!

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Personalized 21st Birthday Frame $40

Although the stand-in models pictured for this 21st birthday photo frame don’t look anywhere near 21 (haha) that’s beside the point! What really completes this masculine wood frame is the personalized engraving, allowing one to forever remember the year they turned 21 and the great friends and family they spent it alongside.

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21st Birthday Shirt For Him $12

This hilarious t-shirt reads: “I am legal, Bring it on” Any guy with a good sense of humor will enjoy wearing this shirt during at least one of his many twenty-first birthday celebrations.

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Go-Pro, Out Door Edition $240

Made famous by professional surfers, skaters, and actives of all types, the latest and greatest toy of our generation is the Go-Pro, a camera that can be attached to a number of places, commonly the helmet, and it then records live action from a first-person angle we have never been able to film so easily before– not to mention in HD! No mater if a guy is into participating in outdoor sports or not, there are plenty of ways to make use of this #1 twenty-first birthday gift idea.

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Bowflex Home Gym $410

With or without any added drinking to his lifestyle, a guy can always use more exercise– the more you work-out, the better you look! Make exercising easy for him with this jaw-dropping awesome 21st birthday gift idea for him.

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bowflex home gym

Stainless Steel Shot Flask $25

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The Bartenders Black Book (10th Edition) $12

Very popular, and for good reason, this book will get him up to speed on the latest and greatest drinks to order out at the bars or make for friends hanging out at home. Besides, guys like to know things– not knowing what common drinks are can be embarrassing, although it’s unavoidable when you first start going out; this 21st birthday gift idea will change all of that though, turning a newly legal into an instant drink expert!

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Insulated Two-Bottle Cocktail Case $160

More than just an insulated case to keep cocktails on the go at the perfect temperature, it also comes with everything one needs to make class-A drinks from just about anywhere– including martini glasses, jigger, tongs, strainer, stirrer, shaker, even napkins and olive picks– they seriously thought of everything! Any guy will look like a real stud when he busts this baby out, all thanks to the 21st birthday gift you got for him!

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Lolita Love My Martini Glass For Him

The birthday dude should not have to go without his very own glass on his big night–that’s why our favorite wine-glass maker, Lolita, has made a Birthday wine glass just for him! Even if he protests a bit, can you imagine what great photos this will make for?

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Carhartt Men’s Long Neck Wallet $30

A new wallet that will serve its purpose while out on the town– what more could he ask for on his 21st birthday?

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Aluminum Wallet $10

When going out to the bars this aluminum wallet, made by Sharkk, will come in handy as he can leave his larger wallet at home, and only bring out the exact cards and cash he needs; the aluminum is RFID protected so scanning thieves don’t stand a chance of stealing his information. Plus, since guys don’t often add a clutter of accessories to their wardrobe, this aluminum wallet will make a unique addition.

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Author: Becky

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