Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day only comes around once a year—and when it does, it’s time to show your father just how much he means to you! Although buying a gift for dad is not always as easy as it sounds—for starters, is it just me or does dad seem to already have everything he wants that is within budget? That’s the thing though—if dad hasn’t mentioned anything affordable that he wants lately, there are a number of Father’s Day Gift Ideas that will make dad very happy! While some of these gift ideas might not be on Dad’s radar yet, he will be so delighted to have them.

Automatic High Frequency Battery Charger $35

Dad will never be stranded if he has this device in his trunk! Even if dad has a brand new car, leaving overheard lights on– or whatever else– can easily lead to a dead battery and thus a late start to his day. But with this device, dad will never be out of luck, in fact he won’t even need to call a friend for a jump because he will easily be able to do it himself.

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I Love You Dad Acrylic Cube Father’s Day Gift $17

Say I love you everyday with this awesome desk ornament! Perfect for gifting on Father’s Day, this unique gift has a lighted LED base that brings the entire display to life in flashes of color.

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Allergen Reducing Air Purifier

If you care about your dad, which you clearly do, you want him to breath in clean and fresh air. The cleaner the air we breathe on a regular basis, the healthier we will be in the long and short term. Therefore, give dad the gift of health with an Air Purifier. He will appreciate this gift for many reasons, especially because it shows how much you care about his quality of life. This gift is especially perfect for dad’s that suffer from allergies; you could truly change the quality of his everyday life with one of these air cleaners.

Hamilton Beach True Air Allergen-Reducing $46

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Honeywell Long-Life Pure Air Purifier $100

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The Butt Station Desk Accessory Holder $12

Does your dad have a good sense of humor—especially when it comes to the bathroom? Then this ‘Butt Station’ office accessory gift will have him cracking up long after the wrapping paper has been torn free.

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Want to give your dad a place to put his office supplies but don’t think he’ll appreciate a toilet joke? Try this more classy desktop aid for only $18.

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Best Dad Ever Men’s Sweatshirt $25

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Nike Medium Duffel Grip Bag

Available in an assortment of colors, this Nike Duffle bag will make dad’s life easier! Plus, it’s stylish and bound to earn him some compliments—which means he’ll get to brag about the person who gifted it to him: you!

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