50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Him

Here are some 50th birthday gift ideas for him sure to bring laughs, pleasure, and many thanks!! And always remember, even the best gift isn’t complete without a well-written card!

‘You Know You’re 50 When…’ $9

Perfect for a good laugh, gift this book to any 50 year old guy and he’s sure to read it with a smile on his face! As an added joke, the letters are ‘large print’ edition.

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50 Years Ball Cap $25

Men love a good ball cap, keeps the sun out of their eyes and hides the fact they might be growing gray hair or going bald! This comfortable ball cap makes an ideal 50th birthday gift idea for him.

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Trivia Playing Cards $7

Test his knowledge of the ‘good old days’ with these trivia cards. A great 50th birthday gift, these cards will offer him hours of fun reminiscing over the past while playing a fun game of cards! Just make sure there’s another equal-aged person on-hand for him to play with, yet if there’s not he will simply dominate the competition– which is always fun too, especially on ones’ birthday!

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Therapeutic Massage Wand $30

By 50 the body starts to show some signs of aging, those legs don’t just jump up and out of bed like they used to, not without giving a few aches in protest; give him some instant relief by buying this high-powered massage wand for his 50th birthday gift.

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Vintage “1963” Mens 50th Birthday Tee $26

Funny and relative to turning 50, this t-shirt will get  a lot of use and makes for a very appropriate 50th birthday gift idea.

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Nifty Fifty Wine Glass For Him $15

This wine glass is masculine and elegant all at the same time, one will enjoy sipping his best birthday wine from this glass. Gift with a high end bottle of his favorite wine for a real wow-effect!

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Over-the-Hill Birthday Gift Box $65

A big joke when one turns fifty is that it’s all downhill from here! So in celebration of their ‘over-the-hill’ party, this 50th birthday gift basket will make for the perfect mix of fun and delicious.

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50th Birthday Retro Gift Box $30

Candy from childhood– the packaging itself can bring back long-ago memories, and with one taste of a Razzle you’re 10 years old again, the sun hot on your skin. Give him the gift of going back with this retro gift box.

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Message In A Bottle: Happy 50th! $80

Inside of this tall corked glass bottle, filled with beautiful sea shells and sand, one can have any message they wish scrolled on the parchment tucked inside; making for the perfect personalized 50th birthday gift idea.

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Author: Becky

Hello! I am a horseback riding writer with an incessant fetish for shopping and sharing the best gift ideas on the market.

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