Cheap Gift Ideas For Her

 N o matter how small your budget might be, she will have no idea how little you spent if you go with any of these amazingly affordable gift ideas for her. Enjoy these budget-friendly gifts that women of all ages will go gaga over!

Love Bracelet $11

Sterling silver plated makes this bracelet safe even on sensitive skin, the precious quote and engraved charms make this affordable gift idea a winner!

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18k Gold Oval Ring $25

This ring is made of cubic zirconia, as opposed to diamonds, making the price drop dramatically; yet made of nice materials with an attention to detail, it still appears to be a much more expensive piece of cocktail jewelry.

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Heart Shaped Earrings $35

Sterling silver and adorable, these Tuleste earrings make a great gift idea for young woman.

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Starfish Earrings $10

Starfish bring back good memories for most, of warm summers on the beach, campfires, the scents and sounds of crashing waves; give these beautiful sterling silver starfish earrings as an affordable gift and no one will ever guess you spent so little.

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Nautical Bracelet For Her $15

This Starfish & Coral Wrap Bracelet makes an excellent cheap gift idea for teen girls on through young women in their early twenties.

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Torey Burch iPhone 4 Case $10

Designer and affordable– now that’s a real deal; these cases go for much more in stores and will not be perceived as a cheap gift, although according to your pocketbook it is!

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Vera Bradley Coin Purse $13

Vera Bradley’s fun and funky patterns are fashion statements, collected and coveted by many women. A coin purse is so very handy and will be used for much longer than $13 would have lasted anyone otherwise– making a practical cheap gift idea for her.

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Sapphire Key Pendant $30

More than half off of its original listing price, get this affordable gift for her before it runs out.

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Wishbone Necklace $18

I know I’m not the only one with fond memories of breaking the wishbones, left-over from a chicken dinner, with my younger sister–! Sterling silver and high quality, this necklace can be worn alone or layered with others, it’s sure to earn compliments either way.

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Personalized Name Necklace $30

Any name can be engraved on this affordable sterling silver necklace– a great personalized gift idea with a low price tag!

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Long Pendant Women’s Necklace $20

This long pendant makes a good cheap gift idea for a woman that is into trendy jewelry– before buying make sure you have seen her wearing necklaces that fall bellow her bust.

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Musical Note Necklace $20

Buy this necklace for any music-lover in either gold-plated or sterling silver, they will never know it cost under $25!

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Kindness Girl Figurine $15

Let her know how special she is, to you and so many others– animals included– with this Kindness Girl figurine from Willowtree.

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Southwestern Set of 3 Gift Vases $12

Unique and quite stunning, for anyone who has their heart in the desert– these vases will make a great gift idea that won’t break the bank.

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Author: Becky

Hello! I am a horseback riding writer with an incessant fetish for shopping and sharing the best gift ideas on the market.

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