Funny Gift Ideas (For Men and For Women)

They say comedy is the best medicine—it is also a great source of fun, and when it comes to gifts there’s nothing better than getting something worthy of a good laugh! Here are some funny gift ideas for both men and women, made to make many smile—including you!

Comfort Boyfriend Pillow $33

This makes one funny gag gift idea for any singles that you know and love—although be sure that they can handle the joke because not all singles think these sorts of things are funny.

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Supply Station Accessory Holder $15

Great funny gift idea for guys or girls who think a bathroom joke is funny instead of inappropriate.

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Toilet Mug $11

Since coffee tends to make us end up on the toilet– why not make a joke out of what everyone is thinking  as they sip their morning joe?! Unique and funny, this is a gift idea that will truly stand out while remaining 100% affordable.

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Bacon Shaped Bandages $6

If bacon is not your ‘cup of tea’ perhaps cupcakes, monkeys, or underpants are—there is a fun and funky bandage design sure to make anyone laugh, smile, oh yeah and keep their cuts clean!

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‘A Christmas Story’ Nightlight $20

Count this sexy leg lamp among one of the best funny Christmas gift ideas under the tree!

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Naughty Pigs Salt and Pepper Shakers $7

Store the salt and pepper in these naughty, frisky little piglets– bound to bring around some horrified gasps just before the historical giggles kick in.

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Funny T-Shirt $20

Shirt reads: “You Read My Shirt That’s Enough Social Interaction For One Day.” If this saying sounds like something the person in mind would say, they will get a good laugh out of this shirt! Also, it will let them know that you understand how they are, which will make them feel more comfortable about their anti-social tendencies.

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Amy Schumer CD $13

Amy Schumer is hysterically funny, which is why she has quickly risen to the top ranks of comedians, even landing her own show on Comedy Central—in which she produces some serious laughs! Give the gift of laughter with this Amy Schumer ‘Cutting’ CD, full of stand up bits your friends and/or family will be talking about for months to come.

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Emergency Underpants Dispenser $8

For an older person, that’s not actually old enough to need these, emergency underpants makes for a great funny gag gift idea!

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Ear Protector Cell Phone Case $6

Protect the iPhone 4 with this ‘ear’ cell phone case, when actually held up to talk the laughter will be endless.

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Gnarly Teeth $8

Funny gag gifts like these gnarly teeth can be worn again and again to spark laughter, fright, and fun.

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6 Pack Redneck Can Belt Holster $7

This might be a joke gift, but it will be certainly useful and greatly appreciated—bringing countless laughs to all who witness one wearing it.

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‘What You Don’t Know About Retirement’ $6

Funny retirement gift idea, this interactive quiz book will congratulate and educate a newly retired individual all while making them laugh. Great when given at, or before, a retirement party as this makes for an excellent source of entertainment with any large group!

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You’re Only Old Once by Dr. Seuss $13

Speaking of retirement, Dr. Seuss didn’t let his aged fans down, penning a little sing-song book just for them in ‘You’re Only Old Once!’

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Funny Gift Basket $40

This funny gift basket is packed with nostalgic candy, it would be very hard to find all of these oldies on your own, which is precisely what makes this an extra special funny gift basket!

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Over the Hill Funny Gift Basket $53

Say Happy Birthday to anyone that is 50+ with this hilarious ‘over the hill’ gift basket.

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Haters Gonna Hate WristBand $10

Haters only make you more famous; and if haters are something you and your friends like to share a few laughs about– this bracelet will make a great funny gift idea!

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Funny Makeup Bag $30

Practical and funny– especially for women who will really relate to the comical saying– “Because I said So– That’s Why!” In other words, this makeup bag was made for any bossy females out there!

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Author: Becky

Hello! I am a horseback riding writer with an incessant fetish for shopping and sharing the best gift ideas on the market.

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