Gift Ideas For Employees

 M ost employees prefer cash from their boss as opposed to gifts, but on some occasions a gift is more appropriate. Here are some gift ideas for employees that everyone will love—the boss’s budget included!

Amazon Gift Card $50-$500

You can’t go wrong with a gift card, especially not one from Amazon– the place where you can virtually buy everything.

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Many Thanks Gift Basket $50

This ‘Many Thanks’ gift basket for employees carries a collection of delicious treats, all inside of a box that says ‘thank you’ in every language around the world.

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Apple iPad Mini $340

The better gifts you give employees, the better employees you get; an iPad mini is an appropriate way to say thanks to all your employees for their hard work; and after getting a gift this good from their boss, they are going to want to keep their job no matter what it takes!

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Diamond Solitaire Pendent $190

For female employees, you can’t go wrong with a single diamond pendant. I recommend this over other jewelry because it is a classic necklace made for women of all ages, styles, and professions!

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Motivational Poster Print $7

Pair this Babe Ruth inspirational poster print with a nice frame and you will offer your employee a gift along with inspiration—the later of which will benefit you!

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Best Employee Trophy $8

This Best Employee trophy is perfect as a small employee gift idea; make it a part of a game or office tradition and your business just got a lot more fun to work for.

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Cufflinks For Male Employees $150

Nice cufflinks for men is a great employee gift idea because he can wear them to work, benefiting your overall image, or he can wear them out on his own personal occasions—looking super fly thanks to his boss!


Ravi Ratan JFK Cufflinks $150

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14k Gold Wave Cufflinks $800

If you think $800 is a steep price for a pair of gold cuff links? Think again, these are a bargain—discounted from their usual $1600 price tag; something only you need to know!

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Author: Becky

Hello! I am a horseback riding writer with an incessant fetish for shopping and sharing the best gift ideas on the market.

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