The Gifts of June

As a large contributor to the gift ideas seen throughout the site, I have been getting a plethora of requests that I share some of the gifts I am giving to my loved ones. I figured June was a great month to begin doing so with, considering this month saw 2 big ‘gift giving’ events: first of all, Father’s Day, and secondly my Grandmother’s 84th birthday. Therefore I had two gifts to go big or go home with—and I must admit, I did a pretty good job!

I have the type of Dad who doesn’t want anything lux or lavish, instead he likes gifts from the heart best. Therefore, I dedicated 6 hours, 3 of which I should have been sleeping, creating a printable scrapbook for him using Target’s photo service: Shutterfly.  The book came in the mail 2 days later, all 20 glossy pages personalized with old family photos and a nice selection of quotes made famous by my dad. Not only did my dad adore his gift, but also my entire family enjoyed passing it around—both of my sisters admitting that, once again, I had succeeded in bringing the best gift to the party!

Now, for my Grandmother, she’s tricky to buy for. Anything you get her she says she doesn’t need, you shouldn’t have, or can you return it? Therefore, I knew that this year I couldn’t get her any standard gift—I wanted to get her something she wouldn’t want to return, something she’d actually want to keep. As a glamorous older woman, I knew a sparkly piece of jewelry might do the trick. Do the trick it did, she put it on right away and gushed over how much she loved it; mission accomplished!

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