Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers

Coffee addicts are lucky, their drug of choice is not stigmatized or illegal–  in fact, with a Starbucks parked on every corner, and a row of fancy espresso machines at every department store, coffee has become an integrated aspect of our culture; and for good reason, coffee makes everything better, it helps us wake up, read the newspaper, get to work, stay regular (if you know what I mean) and it even helps us keep up a decent conversation. Heck, after a while that bitter taste  starts to feel comforting, like a sip of home. Coffee-lovers dedicate at least 10 minutes of everyday to their caffeine-habbit, either buying a cup of joe or brewing it at home, that’s why a gift that pays tribute to their love of coffee will make them smile long after they take off the gift wrap. Here are some unique, fun, practical, and just plain awesome gift ideas for coffee-lovers–enjoy!

Coffee Cup Charm for Bracelet $15

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Coffee Cup Bead– Starbucks Inspired $30

A little bit more expensive than the coffee cup charm before it, but this charm mimicks a coffee shop loved and adored world-wide, if Starbucks is the only place your friend likes to get their brew on, well then this is the charm that will make the best gift for them.

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Oh the Places You’ll Go, Portable Coffee Cup $8

Oh the places you’ll go when you have a few too many sips of coffee–!!

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Lolita Leopard Portable To Go Coffee Cup $11

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‘Cup Size Matters’ Pillow For Coffee Lovers $19

You can never have too many throw pillows, and one that sparks laughter while reminding one of their favorite warm drink makes a gift coffee lovers will adore.

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Noir Coffee Cup  Necklace $140

Noir is known for making high quality fashion jewelry sold at more upscale stores like Nordstrom. Trendy and fun, and still paying tribute to coffee, this is an excellent gift idea for coffee lovers.

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Guns & Coffee Tactical Military Sticker $3

I’m not a personal fan of guns and violence, but to some– I figure this sticker is just the thing they have always been looking for.

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Star Wars Coffee T-Shirt $24

If the person you have in mind loves Star Wars AND Coffee– well then this is the absolute most fitting gift idea you could ever gift them; may the force be with you!

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Women’s Coffee Slippers $13

Keep her warm and cozy while she sips on her cup-of-joe in these slippers made for coffee-lovers!

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Coffe Machine

Likely a coffee-lover is already well-equiped with their own sets of machines to make brews of boiling hot coffee from home; still, a true coffee lover enjoys sampling coffee made in all sorts of ways. A coffee press and an espresso machine, for example, create a vastly unique final product; purchase the coffee lover you know and love a way to brew their coffee they have not yet tried before and you will  achieve gift-giving success!

Gourmet French Coffee Press $43

Not all coffee presses are high quality, nor do they have good reviews; this Groshe Madrid model has over 200 favorable reviews and creates a taste unlike any other.

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Mr. Coffee Espresso Maker $200

This makes an excellent gift idea for coffee lovers, but until recently you couldn’t find a good espresso machine under one-thosand dollars– thankfully, some great models that are acutally affordable have now hit the marketplace, this espresso machine by Mr. Coffee being one of them.

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Keurig K-Cup Coffee Maker $150

The latest trend in coffee-making includes these little cups used to blend just the right amount of coffee every time, using a variety of different flavors. This Keurig machine comes with a starter trial pack of the K-cups needed to get started, making this gift for coffee lovers complete all on its own!

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Ladybug Mug $11

Coffee lovers can never get enough coffee mugs; buy her this unique and beautiful option and she will look forward to sipping her coffee from it right away!

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Funny Coffee Mug $14

“Coffee Makes me Poop” this mug reads– and isn’t that the truth!

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Wall Decor For Coffee Lover $15

Latte, Java, Mocha– however a coffee lover likes to have their caffeine induced, they will adore this coffee-inspired wall decor!

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Coffee Key Holder $8

Finding your keys is hard without your coffee– thankfully, the two go hand in hand with this crafty gift idea, perfect for coffee-addicts.

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Comical Coffee  Art $9

“If you’re not shaking, you need another cup.”  This coffee themed wall decor will have any fan of coffee laughing, plus it makes for a great gift idea.

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The Art and Craft of Coffee Book $15

This exquisite coffee book will open up a whole new world, even to those that know a lot about coffee; an excellent gift for coffee-lovers, it not only supplies entertainment, but it doubles as a coffee table book– no pun intended!

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Coffee Lovers Gift Basket $50

No work necessary, with this gift basket for coffee enthusiasts everything is already done; now all you have to do is gift the extraordinary pro-coffee package!

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Starbucks Gift Basket $45

Who doesnt love Starbucks? This giftbasket for coffee lovers is guarteed to be of the highest quality, as Starbucks is known for nothing less than amazingly good, and strong, coffee!

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Coffee Picnic + Backpack For Two $100

A fun– and potentially romantic–gift idea for coffee lovers; this portable backpack makes packing a picnic for 2, coffee included, easier than ever, and more convienent too! Take your coffee-lover out on a nice picnic, show them a place they have never seen before, and no matter what, so long as coffee is around, you both should have an excellent time! Perhaps even gift this backpack to them after your journey, being the coffee-lover that they are, they will likely get some good use out of it.

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