Fun & Unique Ways to Decorate For Halloween

Enjoy some time with your family creating unique Halloween decorations that will make your house the spookiest domain on the block come October 31st!


Help–! Someone is Trapped Under the Garage!

Make your house a sight for onlookers to scream and shout about by simply using materials that you have on hand! Take a pair of old jeans and stuff them with cardboard paper, socks, old towels—pretty much whatever you have around the house that will make jeans look like they have legs inside of them. Find some old shoes to place at the jean’s “feet” and then place the stuffed pants and shoes right at the lip of your garage door, this way it looks like someone is trapped under your garage—the perfect spoof for Halloween!


Spaghetti Brains Candy Bowl

Put your candy in a bowel of cold cooked spaghetti to give the kids a real gore factor when digging for the mysterious candy hidden inside. Just make sure that the candy is in waterproof wrappers, think plastic instead of paper-wrapped candy, because even dried spaghetti gets a tad wet and messy. Make sure to have plenty Halloween-themed towels nearby for the kids to wipe their hands off on.

Fog Machine Madness

A simple fog machine can add a lot of mystic to an ordinary space. If you want to make your lawn the spookiest on the block, arrange the fog machine so that trick-or-treaters must walk through the haze to get to the candy waiting at the front door. Affordable and reusable, this is a Halloween decoration that will turn your comfy home haunted year after year!


Decorate Your Car For Halloween

Don’t forget your car! After all, parked in front of your house it is a decorative accessory to the Halloween festivities. An easy way to decorate your car for Halloween is to have a prop arm or leg hanging out of a window or door. If you buy limbs made of rubber you can easily close doors on them so that they stay in place hanging out of the vehicle for all to see with horror. Add some gore to the limb by dressing it up with blood-red paint!

Rapunzel Halloween House

Do you have any daughters that are obsessed with fairytales? Then they will love turning your home into a Rapunzel theme halloween house this year! In order to do so simply buy an abundance of very thick yellow yarn at the local craft store. Measure how long you need the yarn (or hair) to be in order to have it hang all the way down out of the window, combine many layers of yarn 3x before braiding these 3 thick bundles of yarn all together. Keep in mind, you’ll want this to be seen from a good distance away and therefore it needs to be pretty thick.  Tie the finished braid with a pink ribbon at the bottom, and leave it trailing from a front window—as if Rapunzel herself is up there waiting for her Prince to come save her on horseback.

Collection of Heads

Nothing is creepier than a haunted Halloween mask, set up a row of these masks on a table or eye-level surface. Propped up on their own stands, your very own collection of monster heads is sure to insight fear, intrigue, and good natured Halloween fun! To really set the mood, set up the display where party-goers and/or trick or treaters will see them first thing as they peek in the door.

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