Halloween Gift Ideas

When darkness falls on every October 31st, it is said that  the spirits come out to play. Halloween is a light-hearted, yet spooky, Holiday that brings out the inner-child in all of us. Dressing up, collecting candy, throwing a party, or watching horror films– there’s no bad way to spend Halloween. Here are some Halloween Gift Ideas sure to spook up the holiday; all age groups included!

Webkinz Mazin’ Hamster Halloween Seasonal $6

In order to keep a Webkinz alive, one must take good care of it—making sure to feed, put to sleep, and keep healthy their furry little friend.Webkinz each come with an activation code so that one can go online and play interactive games that go along with their Webkinz.

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Halloween Gift Basket $11

This cute kitty-cat themed gift basket is perfect for cat lovers,  even though black cats are known as ‘bad luck’ they are most always ‘too cute to spook.’ This gift basket includes activities, candy, a plush new toy, and a whole lot of fun; plus, when placing your order, there is the option to personalize a gift message inside.

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Gnarly Teeth $8

This comes with 9 different crazy sets of teeth, each one unique and sure to bring laughter. The perfect halloween gift that is well worth every penny, for under $10 these gnarly teeth will provide hours of laughter.

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Ghost Hunting Tools

For someone who has a fascination with ghosts, learning more about how to find ghosts on their own will be of upmost interest, making the following ghost hunting tools the perfect Halloween gift ideas to  inspire imaginative, and perhaps even scientific, play.

K-11 EMG Meter For Ghost Hunting $61

This ghost hunting meter costs a bit more than other models because of its high quality, and 5-star customer reviews,  in relation to its quality the price is low. Easy to read and use, a professional ghost hunting tool that can be handled by even the biggest beginners.

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Ghost Hunting Kit $55

More than one individual to please? Try this ghost hunting kit that provides even more fun, as it comes with 2 ghost meters– of which are unique from one another, adding some mystery to the mix.

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Everything Ghost Hunting Book $12

Get excited about reading with this ghost-hunting book by Melissa Martin Elis that explores the supernatural world, including a plethora of tips and tools to see the ghosts all around us.

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Halloween Thomas the Train $14

Back in high school I worked at a toy store that sold Thomas the Train merchandise, therefore I saw first hand how crazy kids go for this stuff!! A special edition Thomas Train is like gold to a young tike, gift this Halloween Thomas Train and you are guaranteed to see their face light up in proof.

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Crafty Halloween Gift Ideas

Get crafty this halloween, gift a fun halloween present that will spark imagination and get the creative juices flowing.

Make Your Own Spooky Tree $8

Includes all that one needs to create their own Spooky Tree using the 30 creepy Stinky Dinks ornaments, and all of the other necessary tools this kit comes complete with– including everything from the hole puncher to the colored pencils.

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Monster Lab Shrinky Dinks $15

Create your own monsters with this kit that includes a castle, art supplies, and 50 pre-cut Shrinky Dinks. Fun to make and even more fun to put out on display as a home-made Halloween decoration!

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The Twilight Zone: The Complete Collection $190

The perfect Halloween gift idea for adults includes all 24 discs of The Twilight Zone; top notch in blu ray quality, one can enjoy all of The Twilight Zone episodes like never before! For someone too old to go out and collect candy door to door, this makes for the perfect Halloween night substitution.

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World’s Cutest Dog Dressed For Halloween $12

His name is Gund Fun Booe– and he is just so cute!! How can you resist that face? No kid is going to be able to put these cute little plush toy down, making Halloween seem a little less scary perhaps!

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Halloween Jewelry

Halloween jewelry is great, it can be worn year after year when the spooktacular holiday rolls around. Giving it as a gift just before Halloween will make the holiday all the more exciting, who doesn’t like to wear a new piece of very appropriate jewelry?

Spider Brooch $8

Glitz up Halloween with this crystal rhinestone black widow brooch pin.

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Pumpkin Charm $5

This charm features Pugster Bear lying on a gold plated Jack-O-Lantern, perfect for Halloween themed outfits, this charm is discrete enough to be worn on a charm bracelet year round, in memory of one wickedly fun holiday!

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Skelly Necklace $15

This is one cute little Skelton with her wings on her back and pumpkin by her side; high quality, hand painted, and lead-free, this Halloween necklace makes a great gift idea.

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Halloween Gifts For Your Pet

Face it, dogs are a part of the everyday family– and when it’s time for holiday fun, the pet better be included or else he or she might start to feel left out! Even though dogs can’t eat candy, they can still celebrate halloween in style with these halloween gift ideas for pets.

Multipet’s Halloween Candy Corn $14

Even your dog will appreciate a Halloween gift, especially a new plush toy they can devour; they will think this candy corn toy is just as delicious as the real thing!

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Triceratops Dog Costume $10

Your dog will win ‘best dressed’ at any halloween function you attend wearing this dinosaur dog costume!

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Headless Horseman Dog Costume $22

If your dog doesn’t like to have lots of clutter on their body, this lightweight strap on costume will be far less annoying and still so darn cute!

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Batman Dog Costume $10

Dogs are the ultimate superheroes in any family– able to make you smile no matter how bad your day has been! Pay tribute to your pooch this halloween and dress them up as the superhero they truly are!

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