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As a kid, I clearly remember Halloween evenings, getting all dressed up in my costume—the one I waited weeks to finally wear; friends come over, dinner blurs by, and then we are out on the streets, pounding the pavement in search of candy. On these ideal nights there was only one thing scarier than the rumored threats, the ones about the ‘big kids’ who drove around in vans stealing candy from kids that stayed out too late, this frightful thing being a house on my street that terrified every child, that is before delighting them with a big candy bar for their bravery. I was always too scared to go past the foggy front lawn, until one year when I decided to brave it out for a full-size Hershey’s—I told myself that everyone came out alive anyways.  The worst part was when a man wearing a big furry costume with a scary gorilla face, jumped out from behind the elaborate haunted displays. After trolling through fog, haunted music, and live frights, I was relieved to see what looked like a mom waiting at the front door for her next group of treaters, the reassuring bright lights from inside the home highlighting her witch costume, and just as promised in her hands was a bowl of x-large candy bars.  Now that’s what Halloween is all about!

Make sure your own Halloween efforts are forever printed on the memories of your guests with Halloween party supplies sure to spook up a festivity and make your house the favorite every Halloween!

Witch Caution Sign $9

Let your halloween guests know that the party has started with this witch xing sign sure to inspire laughter and the spooky feelings associated with all hallows eve!

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Halloween Hand Candy Bowl $20

The hand at the center of this Halloween candy bowl spits spooky phrases and uses motion sensors to attack anyone who tries to put their hands in the candy bowl.

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Yoda Candy Bowl Holder $30

Star Wars fan much? This bowl-holding Yoda will delight any and everyone—even those who don’t covet the most famous space saga.

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6 Foot Animated Inflatable Pumpkin $110

It only takes moments for this adorable pumpkin and ghost duo to inflate, although it comes back down to size for easy storage. When inflated, it stands 6 feet tall, meaning it’s HUGE and so cute, just the right halloween decoration to make your house come alive with the holiday, year after year.

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Full ‘Bag of Bones’ $30

Add some real horror to your Halloween decorations with this bag of bones, which comes with all of the bones in the human body, in 28 different pieces—making for a potentially interactive scary prop!

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Fog Machine $30

This is Amazon’s number 1 selling fog machine and for good reason, it’s affordable and it actually works. This machine will bring some mystery to your Halloween party, plus it can be reused on Halloween night, so that trick-or-treaters must cross through the fog in order to get to the candy waiting at the front door—kids and grown ups alike will delight in this.

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Halloween Party Favors

Party favors breathe life into a celebration, both during and after! They also serve as a reminder of a good time, so make the small splurge and add favorable halloween goodies to your party’s agenda.

Body Jewels $5

Each set of body jewels comes with 5 different designs that costume-wearers will enjoy adding to their unique halloween costume for the night–plus,  imagine all of the cute pictures that will be taken!

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LED Finger Lights $7

Light up the night with this halloween party favor, comes with 40 Fingerlights in 4 color options–a great deal that will spark imagination while providing fun to so many kids, and for so little money!

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12 Ballerina Tutus $14

Set comes with 12 tutus for children—do the math and that’s just a little over $1 for each tutu! If your child is into dancing,or dressing up in girly attire, she will love the idea of giving out tutus as party favors on Halloween.

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12 Shutter Shade Sunglasses $7

All 12 sunglasses come in each set, arriving in an assortment of bright colors so that halloween party guests can pick which bright color they like best.

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Halloween Toilet Paper Holder $14

Spook your party décor up in the bathroom with this skeleton figure toilet paper holder. Affordable and fun, it will be easy to install every October for a good laugh and a creepy touch.

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Face Paint Ultimate Party Pack $18

If the halloween party in mind is geared towards kids, make it more exciting with the option to have your face painted!

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Halloween Costume Trophies $8

Get all 3 trophies— Best Costume, Scariest Costume, and Funniest Costume! Giving out the awards will be just as much fun as finding a winner—try incorporating fun games or voting methods to up the antics at your costume contest.

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Halloween Goody Bags

Give out your goodies in a bag fit for a monster– one with a lot of candy to catch!

Pumpkin Gift Bags $14

Searching for quantity? This set comes with 50 halloween bags, making an affordable option for one with many guests to gift and entertain.

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Halloween Tote $11

Set of 4 slightly more substantial totes that make a gift without anything even inside of them! One can use and reuse this bag, even taking it out on the town when they go trick or treating.

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Halloween Soundtrack

We’ve all bought that last minute Halloween CD at the store, only to get home and discover it downright stinks. Make your Halloween extra haunted with a soundtrack guaranteed to be good!

Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas $14

This classic collection of haunted sounds comes with extra tracks, perhaps some that are even new to your ears!

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Halloween Hits $7

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Halloween Howls $16

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