Halloween Gift Ideas For Teachers

Halloween time is exciting for school aged children as teachers spook up  classrooms and offer pumpkin-themed worksheets. Make Halloween even more exciting by gifting your teacher a Halloween gift they can use every October!

Halloween Stamps $8

Stamps are a part of every teacher’s desk-drawer collection, and just like pens, you can never have enough stamps! Holiday themed stamps make for unique seasonal rewards that amp excitement and get kids pumped for upcoming holidays, not only will these stamps please your teacher but they will also serve his or her classroom for many years to come.

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Halloween Bulletin Board Decorations $9

This bulletin board set comes with over 60 cut-out  Charlie Brown halloween decorations that will give a teacher everything they need to start decorating their classroom!

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Halloween Mug $10

A mug is a teacher-approved, absolute favorite gift idea. While chocolate melts and makes us fat, a mug can be used year after year supplying endless coffee and energy! Having seasonally appropriate mugs also makes teachers seem more fun and approachable, a comforting characteristic for students. Fill this mug with candy for an extra special treat!

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Witches Pens $11

These pens are so cool and unique, teachers with a fun or funky side will greatly appreciate! The only issue will be keeping their curious students away from these instant favorite witch pens.

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Harry Potter Sorting Hat $19

Since teachers are wizards of the classroom, what’s more ideal than getting them a wizard-themed gift? Teachers can’t help but love Harry Potter– a book that continually keeps kids (and adults) reading and using their imaginations. This sorting hat will be fun in and out of the classroom, plus you know no one else will duplicate your gift–nor come close in cool points!

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King Tut Collectible Container $26

This King Tut container is neat in so many regards, teachers with a fondness of history and old-world cultures will take great pride in this collectible. This container is one of the few ‘halloween gift ideas’ that can be used long after October’s orange leaves have littered the ground.

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Apple Glass Dish $15

A classic gift for teachers has always been an apple, therefore filling this glass apple with halloween candy is a great halloween gift idea for teachers. The candy will symbolize halloween, while the beautiful glass apple will remain a handy  dish that never goes out of season or style.

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Flameless Halloween Candles $20

Candles in the classroom might be a no-no, but flameless candles are safe any and everywhere; these halloween candles will make the perfect halloween teacher gift idea.

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Halloween Tea Light Candle Holders $15

Adorable and funky, these tea light halloween candle holders are just the right treat to make any teacher smile!

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The Pumpkin Express Train $30

Decorative accessories for holidays are appreciated by everyone, especially when they are this cute! The ghosts peeking out of the pumpkins are only the start to how incredibly entertaining this halloween keepsake is.

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