Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids

What Do Kids Really Want For the Holidays This Year?

Kids love gifts– but during the Holidays they are spoiled rotten with more gifts than they could ever really need! Certain gifts will be used far more often than others, becoming treasures and go-to activities, while other gifts end up hogging space before being packed away into trash bags, and given away to the Salvation Army. Avoid buying useless gifts for kids this holiday season, and use the savings to splurge on something your kids will really love,  grow with, and enjoy for years to come. Here are some holiday gift ideas for kids 4 and up!


Mini Pool Table $30

Give your kid a leg-up on future pool-table matches with this mini pool table. Compact enough to store in a closet, it likely won’t see much storage time though– kids love these things! This affordable mini pool table set comes with everything pictured.

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Swing Set

Sure, a swing set might be a pricier gift idea but for parents that have more than one child, it can turn into an affordable gift idea, as a swing set can serve as a present to all of your children (who are of age to enjoy a swing set, of course). Plus, kids spend too much time indoors and a swing set will keep them active and outdoors for hours.

Swing Set with Twist Slide $1700

This swing set will be the envy of the entire neighborhood!

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Sportsman Wood Swing Set $1,000

This swing set for kids is great and the army print makes the boys go wild!

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Classic Cedar Swing Set $600

For smaller backyards, less flexible budgets, or even slightly older kids, this swing set is affordable and nice looking.

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Drum Set For Kids $20

Give kids their first taste of making music with this great Christmas gift idea for kids. Ages 2-5

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Melissa & Doug Unit Blocks $55

Get those creative juices flowing while stimulating key developmental areas with this great Christmas gift idea for kids. Melissa & Doug is known for their high quality toys, this 60 piece standard unit blocks set is made for ages 3+!

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melissa and doug


Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Play Table $250

I worked at a Totally Thomas Toy Depot back when I was in High School and I saw first-hand how wild kids are about Thomas The Train. These wooden railway tables (and the train sets that go on top) are a kids’ equivalent of a Hermes handbag for grown women– no joke! Many accessories can be bought to go along with this table, including storage bins that slide underneath, helping to keep play areas looking more presentable.

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Kids’ favorite gifts all have one thing in common– they can be used in an unlimited number of ways. A playhouse allows for this exactly, so many different things can be done in a playhouse; kids can play games inside, read a book, put on a play, play house, or do whatever it is they please in their very own space.

Grand Portico Mansion Playhouse $7300

If you’re the type of parent that wants to enjoy your child’s playhouse too, perhaps this child-size mansion is your dream come true, considering there are two separate doors– one for children, and another set of double doors for adults. This best gift ever includes 10 flower boxes, 22 windows (all of which work and have both safety glass and screens), and a loft with a real working ladder. If you’re feeling wealthy this Christmas, give the best gift on the block– literally!

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Neat and Tidy Cottage $150 

You don’t have to be a millionaire to provide your child with a nice playhouse of their own, this neat and tidy cottage will make any kid smile, prompting hours of play time.

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Kid Vehicles

Every kid dreams of the day they will get a play vehicle of their own– it all started with Barbie Jeep, and now there are so many different rides for kids to choose from. Make their dream a reality with this Christmas gift idea for kids.

Kid Trax Charger Police Car $330

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Power Wheels Jeep $320

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Beachfront Mansion Doll House $120

This doll house will inspire the mind of any little girl who loves playing with her dolls. Standing over 4 feet tall, this will make the perfect gift from Santa.

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LeapFrog LeapPad2 $80

Month after month Leap Frog receives awards for their educational toys. Kids love the LeapPad and so do parents because every time kids use it, they are learning. A win-win holiday gift idea for kids.

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Kids Headphones $20

Looking for smaller gift ideas or stocking stuffers? Kids need headphones at home and at school, therefore a pair of cool (kid-approved) headphones will make for a good gift idea. Kidz Gear Wired Headphones have excellent reviews and come in a variety of colors.

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