Save Money this Holiday Season

Simple Ways to Save Money During The Holidays!

I anticipate the Holiday season tentatively, after all I’m finally old enough to realize just how expensive it is going to be—not only do we celebrate BOTH Christmas and Hanukah at our house, but it’s also my boyfriend’s birthday month. For your own sets of wild reasons I’m sure your holidays are just as cramped as mine. Don’t let the stress of money ruin your holidays this year; instead try these super simple tricks to save money every holiday season!

Start Shopping Early

October—as in right now—isn’t too soon to start shopping for the holidays. No matter how early you start, you can never be too ahead; the more you have done before December the more you can enjoy the festivities worry free. You might worry that the gifts you’d pick out in December will vary from the gifts you pick out earlier, that’s where selecting gifts that are not too trendy come in handy, if your friend adores the color purple and has a fetish for designer scarfs, that great deal on a light purple Burberry scarf you find in June will suit her perfectly come December—when that purple scarf has lost it’s sale price and become ‘out of the budget.’ Breaking apart your shopping like this will make you feel like you are spending much less while reducing stress during the best time of the year. If you are out and you see something that someone would like, buy it. If their birthday doesn’t beat the holidays, well you’ve got just the right gift. When you let these ‘perfect’ gifts pass you by, it almost always becomes impossible to find that one thing again when the time is right. So treat time like it’s irrelevant and start your holiday shopping early this year.

It’s Not Your Month… Yet

Remember, on Christmas, Hanukah, or whatever Holiday you celebrate you will be showered with gifts and love, therefore it’s not the month to indulge on your own wants. In fact, don’t buy yourself anything!! I know it’s hard but think of it like this, if that Michael Kores clutch you were yearning for is still on your mind post-holidays, and you didn’t get it as a gift already, let January be the month to splurge on yourself—plus, this will benefit you in more ways than one with many sales after the holidays you are likely to get a better deal on your lust-worthy wish list anyway.

Skip Eating Out

When you don’t have an event to go to during the holidays stay in and make a nice meal for yourself, it will save money and your waistline this holiday season. Even if you’ve been out shopping all day and that Italian restaurant smells so good… trust me on this one, don’t do it! There will be plenty of time to splurge on delicious foods at all of the upcoming holiday parties, for now just go on home and cook yourself some homemade spaghetti, or whatever it is you are craving most. Not only will you look better at holiday parties, and in all of those pictures, but you will also feel less guilty indulging at the chocolate fountain table.

The B Word

BUDGET! Everyone’s absolute least favorite word—especially when applied to the holidays! But all in all, those who keep a holiday budget will also keep their stress levels below cardiac arrest. Start off making a list of everyone you want to buy a gift for and what you want to buy them, including how much this will cost. This way, you have the exact amount of money you will need with no fear of going over budget.

Author: Becky

Hello! I am a horseback riding writer with an incessant fetish for shopping and sharing the best gift ideas on the market.

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