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Do you know someone who loves hot yoga? If so we’ve got all of the hot yoga gift ideas real yogis love, after all, I’m a yogi myself 🙂 Learning how to control your breath and live in the now can be learned through the mindful practice, meaning yoga becomes a lifestyle. In fact, yoga can be downright addictive–at least it’s a healthy addiction. Most of the postures feel good by releasing stress and tension in your body. Yoga also helps build up your core, arms, back, shoulders, and basically every other part of your body–booty included ;)! If you are buying a gift for someone who loves yoga, here are some great gift ideas for hot yoga fans. Namaste!

Yoga Hot Pant $70-$90

Right now the trend is to wear funky leggings to practice yoga, the wilder the better.  Clouds hot yoga pants are the perfect accessory for every yoga lover. And when it comes to doing yoga, you can never have enough work out clothes. Especially if you are doing hot yoga, in which case you sweat A LOT. The first time I did hot yoga I couldn’t believe how much sweat poured out of my skin–even my ankles were soaked! This means hot yoga fans need a constant supply of cute yoga clothes or else laundry becomes an everyday chore.

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Yoga Figurine $28

The statue below is pictured in an upward facing dog position, you go into this just before piking up into downward facing dog. Upward facing dog feels incredibly good, and can help to crack out your back. Remind your yoga lover of this comforting pose by gifting them this amazing statue. You can’t find this yoga lover gift idea at your local Target, making it all the more special.

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Yoga Lady Cobra Statue Pose Figurine



Lotus Flower Necklace For Yogis $30

In yoga the significance of the lotus flower is often explained. No matter where you are in life you can make it out, not only alive, but beautifully so. Just like the lotus flower, which grows out of murky, disgusting waters, but blooms into one of the most beautiful flowers. This teaches everyone that no matter where you come from, or where you are currently at in life, it doesn’t matter. What matters is how you react to your world, where the only constant is change. Remind your favorite yogi that they are gorgeous inside and out, and that their journey continues to make them more special by gifting them this lotus flower necklace.

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Yoga Cow Figurine $10

If you are gifting a yoga statue to someone with a  good sense of humor, or someone who simply loves cows, this miniture yoga figuirne makes a wonderful hot yoga gift idea. In fact I gave one to my mom (also a yoga-lover) and she just adores it. The fact the cow is carrying a yoga mat on her back makes her all that much cuter. This is one flexible and talented heifer, available in 4 different poses. For the heifer in all of us, here’s to a funny gift idea for yogis.

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Hot Yoga Towel $30

This is the top rated yoga mat towel, if you do hot yoga the temperatures can reach 110+ degrees, meaning your matt needs something over it or else the sweat will cause you to slip and slide all over. Plus, it’s nice to have an absorbent mat beneath you while you practice, if only to catch your sweat as it falls.

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Gaiam Yoga Mat Bag $20

A fun yoga bag is sort of like a great purse. You don’t want to carry around all of your accessories in hand, just like you don’t want to be carting your mat, yoga gloves, towel, and cell phone as you run in late to class. Help your yoga lover  get organized with this great yoga gift idea. This simple Gaiam yoga bag is available in a variety of colors and styles, pick the one best suited to the lucky lady (or lad!) you have in mind.

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Yoga Foam Roller $20

It might seem odd to purchase a foam roller as a gift, but anyone  that has tried out a foam roller knows how amazing it feels for your back and body. This black high density foam roller makes for the perfect side gift to give  to any yoga lover. Sure, they won’t bring it to class with them, but they will be able to enjoy it in the comfort of their own home—what’s better than that?

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The Yoga Bible $13

Play it safe with this gift idea for yoga fanatics.  Pretty much anyone that loves yoga will enjoy looking through this Yoga Bible, which details the many different positions yogis practice. As your skills increase, the number of poses you are able to master will too. Give your yogi something to look forward to as they master new poses and learn more about yoga, all thanks to your great gift idea!

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Great Looking Yoga Top $25

You can never get enough tops to practice yoga in, each one seems cuter than the next. This yoga top includes the AUM symbol detailed on back, making it even more appropriate for hot yoga workouts. Available in an assortment of colors including blue, white, and pink. I think I’ll go order one for myself right now!

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I can’t help myself, here is another great unique option for yoga gift ideas. And at such an affordable price ($25)!

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