Best Friend Christmas Gift Ideas For Her

Best Friend Gift Ideas For Her

Christmas time is amazing, yet undoubtably stressful; for starters, how many friends do you have to buy for this year? My friends and I have tried a number of different tactics to keep costs down, Secret Santa being one, and a set price budget being another. Yet when it comes to your very best friend you want to give her a gift that’s special, from the heart, and also affordable! Here are some great best friend Christmas gift ideas to inspire you this holiday season.



Ornaments are one of those items we love but don’t buy often enough. Although that’s what makes them so special in a way, each ornament holds a precious memory of when it was either gifted or purchased. Any ornament you give your friend for Christmas will be cherished and used year after year, an ideal symbol of your everlasting friendship.

My BFF Flip Cell Phone Ornament $15

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BFF Ornament $14

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Turquoise BFF Wrap Bracelet $20

Trendy and cute, this bracelet will be worn on the daily, reminding your best friend how special your bond is all of the time.

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Friendship Necklace $17

“Friendship is a Special Kind of Love” this fun and trendy necklace reads. Great for a gal with a lighthearted smile and a passionate laugh.

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Juicy Couture  Pink Bracelet Watch $170

Wanting to splurge a bit more? Then this Juicy Couture watch for her is the perfect Christmas gift for your bff; it’s fun and something she can dress up and wear out with the girls, or play down for a laid back day at the mall.

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Diamond BFF Bracelet $115

Shy by Sydney Evan creates these delicate and beautiful Best Friend bracelets. Pamper your bestie with this classic diamond piece and it is guaranteed to be one of her favorite Christmas gifts this year!

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This Girl Loves Her Bestie T-Shirt $20

Looking for a unique gift, maybe something that doesn’t scream HOLIDAYS all over it? Then this t-shirt is the best friend Christmas gift you are seeking; a sweet and unique way to say I love you.

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Ladies Fleece Pajamas $20

New pajamas are synonymous with Christmas, gift your bestie a pair she will stay warm wearing by the fire, all the while looking cute as ever!

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Angel Battery Operated Christmas Candles $25

For any friend that loves angels, this set of 3 candles will make a great gift to light up their house every holiday season. Your friend might love these candles so much they will remain up all year, after all angels are always nice to have around.

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Zen Candle Holder Gift Set $11

If your budget is ultra limited this year, this zen candle holder gift set will make an appropriate Christmas gift for her, as it speaks to many styles and appears far more expensive than its price tag. A great gift idea for yoga enthusiasts!

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Candle Warmers $22

There is a new way to burn candles that avoids harmful toxins and takes away fire dangers. Instead of burning the wick, you simply place your candles inside of a candle warmer, turn on the heater, and let the candle very slowly warm and melt, letting off a more natural and beautiful scent. This candle warmer reads: Faith-Family-Friends; an ideal Christmas gift for your best friend who loves candles but is health and safety conscious.

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Friends Bracelet $40

“Friends Forever Today Tomorrow Always” This sterling silver bracelet reads, intended to make any BFF smile this Christmas and beyond.

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Kate Spade BFF Bracelet $60

A best seller on another one of my best friend gift blogs, this Kate Spade BFF bracelet will make your friend squeal with delight– not only because of how sweet the inscriptions are but come on, who doesn’t love Kate Spade?!

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