Retro Nostalgia LED Microwave

The Official Review for the Retro Nostalgia LED Microwave RMO-400RED 

If you have a love for all things from the fifties, or simply want to spice up the appearance of your kitchen—I highly recommend this Nostalgia Electrics Retro microwave. BUT, if you are a regular microwave user and plan to put it to work for more than 3 minutes at a time, you’ll be thoroughly disappointed.

The Pros- Features & Display

The chrome accents really turn up the charm on this microwave machine. Drawing on hints of the past, it does not skip on futuristic features like the LED display with digital clock. Look through the uniquely oval window and you will see your food smoothly spinning on the turn tables inside, 800 watts of power beaming down from above. There are also 12 settings programed into the machine so that you are able to warm a number of things worry free, like popcorn or coffee and even frozen meat! The cool part is, instead of the regular buttons most microwave features are controlled by, you use a dial to spin your food to perfection! While the dial tab is really nifty, it can make learning how to use the microwave fairly complicated because it’s not anything most are used to. Once you read the manual though, it’s easier than most other microwaves to adjust. That’s because the turn knob was created with a lot of backup planning so that it works perfectly and does not feel cheap. You simply turn the knob and then select your cook time, that’s it!

Best for Decoration

With so many positive attributes, it’s no surprise that the majority of customer feedback on this item is positive. That is until you uncover a large number of those who don’t get a lucky machine or whom use their microwave more often than others; for them, this microwave has caused nothing but problems. After only three minutes of use, this device is known to overheat and turn off due to exhaustion. When this occurs, it will become extremely hot to the touch, so beware ! It will then take around 5 minutes for the redmicrowave

machine to catch its breath, cool down, and restart. Turn it on for another 3 minutes and you’ll undergo the same overheating process once again! If you do not interfere when it first turns itself off, it will continue to turn itself on and off until it’s been on the entire time originally programed—sounds about as dangerous as it is non functional.

Making it even more appropriate for decorative purposes, this microwave is actually rather small, at only .09 cubic feet you won’t be putting any large platters or turkeys inside.

Made with an eco-friendly conscious, this fire red microwave, that looks like an updated version of a fifties microwave, is also available in a classic shade of sleek black. The color is extremely important, as one of the only reasons I suggest purchasing this microwave is for decoration.

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