Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her

Anniversaries can seem tedious to some men, especially those that don’t like plans in general, let alone plans that last a lifetime! But to women, and also many gentleman, anniversaries are a special time– a place in life to pause and reflect on the love we are so blessed to share. A great gift is only part of the celebration, take her somewhere nice, write up a thoughtful card or cartoon– whatever your style may be, wow her this year like never before and we guarantee she’ll find ways to thank you for it!

Need some help? Start with these great anniversary gift ideas for her!

Willowtree Anniversary Figurine $22

If sweet little statues tend to catch her eye, she is sure to love this Willowtree figurine made especially for anniversaries.

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Tungsten Laser Engraved Anniversary Ring $20

The great thing about Tungsten is that it is completely scratch resistant, meaning this personalized, laser engraved anniversary gift will last as long as your love– forever!

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Dogeared Pearls of Love Necklace $50

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Circle Diamond Band Ring $140

18k yellow gold and stainless steel make up this unique ring which is accented by little diamonds. Like your love, the layers of the ring are seamlessly intertwined.

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Black Diamond Earrings and Pendant Set $420

More is always better if you’re talking about diamonds– and this set offers 2 beautiful gifts in one! While white diamonds are on trend for weddings, a black diamond is a great wedding anniversary gift idea– something unique and a bit more mature.

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Key to My Heart Diamond Pendant $65

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Double-Knot Bangle $105

Show her your love with this sterling silver and diamond accented bracelet that is sure to become a favorite piece, symbolic of your lasting love on this anniversary.

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Salt & Pepper Rocking Chair Couple $14

Already an older couple, or simply joking that you’re heading there, either way this comical anniversary gift set of salt and pepper shakers is a classic present!

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Eternal Lovers Figurine $40

If she is into unique pieces and fine art, this Eternal Lovers sculpture will have her bragging about the greatest romantic anniversary gift ever for years to come!

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Couples Coffee Mugs $30

You are helpless to her magnetic pull, something she’ll be glad to hear you admit with these fun couple coffee mugs that make for a uniquely fun anniversary present.

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Token of Love Locket $70

Simple, elegant, different, and with a direct link to love, this necklace offers a winning romantic gesture. This ‘token of love’ will have her all smiles, wanting to know just where did you find this!?

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