Engagement Gift Ideas For Her

 C ongratulate the soon-to-be-bride with something that will stand out, with so much excitement buzzing through her brain it’s not easy to get her attention right now. But from a great friend, a good engagement gift will make her extremely appreciative of your support.

New Beginnings Motivational Frame $60

This black frame has Plexiglas shielding the high quality, full color photo. It will look good anywhere, offering inspiration for the future of their new journey.

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The New Rules of Marriage Book $13

This book is quickly gaining popularity amongst newlyweds, just don’t gift this book as an engagement gift to someone who is ultra sensitive and might be offended that you don’t think she already knows what it takes to make marriage work. If you accidentally offend, your friend will still thank you someday after actually reading the insightful book.

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Wedding Planner Book $21

This beautiful wedding planner book will make an excellent tool when crafting her dream wedding; besides, who doesn’t enjoy writing in a nice hardback book with soft lined pages?

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Bridal Guide Magazine $10

The best engagement gift for her is a Bridal Guide one-year magazine subscription, every other month she will get another jam-packed addition of bridal inspirations!

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Barbie Royal Bride Doll $16

For anyone that was once, or still is, obsessed with Barbie, this Royal Bride Barbie will have them laughing, then crying, then looking forward to the future when their own child collects Barbies someday!

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‘Live the Life You’ve Dreamed’ Inspirational Necklace $33

This inspirational necklace is the perfect engagement gift for anyone who loves to dream—and who doesn’t enjoy doing that?

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Entwined Rings Pendant Necklace $30

You can’t outshine the gorgeous ring that’s just been placed on a newly engaged finger, but you can compliment a beautiful engagement with this entwined rings necklace.

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Romantic Comedy 6 Movie Set $13

When you have no one to love, romantic comedies can be a bit depressing—but if you are in love and about to be married, classic romantic comedies are an excellent way to relax and reflect on how perfect life is at the moment!

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Vogue Weddings: Brides, Dresses, Designers $56

This beautiful Vogue Weddings book speaks for itself, a great work of inspiration it also doubles as a decorative coffee-table book.

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‘Lucky in Love’ Zoe Chicco Necklace $216

Not only is this 14k gold necklace something your friend will wear for years and years to come, it’s implied meaning is simply perfect for the occasion. She won’t be able to thank you enough, although her smile will likely do the trick!

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Style Me Vintage—Vintage Wedding Inspirational Guide Book $19

This vintage weddings inspirational book is a great engagement gift idea for anyone who likes vintage styled accessories. Even if an entirely vintage wedding is not what she has in mind, this book will inspire her and perhaps help her decide on a few vintage elements that will make her own wedding pop.

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Author: Becky

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