Aries Gift Ideas For Her

March 20- April 19

Aries Gift Ideas For Her and Him

Aries is a strong breed that can be hotheaded at times. They enjoy being at the center of attention, creating drama, and they seek out the action wherever they go. Aries tends to start up mini-conflicts because they struggle seeing the other side of a situation. Therefore, talking things out with them is never that easy. While this might leave some people frustrated with Aries, those that look past this little quirk discover a truly amazing individual in Aries. For one, anyone who partakes in an adventure with Aries will be glad, as a rather clever and intelligent sign, Aries will keep you safe even if the adventure gets out of hand!

Active and into the outdoors, Aries tend to have a particular sport or activity they are very fond of and regularly participate in. When planning the perfect present keep this activity in mind, being reminded of something one loves to do in the form of a gift will light up their happy receptors, making your gift a sure-fire winner!

Speaking of winners, Aries are incredibly competitive—anything that declares a winner gets them excited. Aries is not good at losing but they take the risk of going down in order to experience the rush competition gives them. This means that games make for an excellent gift idea for Aries, pretty much anything that will get their adrenaline going is sure to bring them thrills!  Think video games, concert tickets, a sporting event, or even a hike (or scavenger hunt) to a surprise romantic picnic.

Aries sign is the Ram, an animal known for being full of courage and stamina—slamming any foreseeable obstacles right between the horns; the description of the Ram couldn’t better stand in representation of our Aries friends. This bold attitude means Aries are straightforward in everything that they do and say; they only can’t comprehend why others beat around the bush so much.  It’s their direct ways that make them uncomplicated, almost child-like, and extremely pleasurable to be around.


Aries Gift Ideas for Her

Lucky Charms

As I mentioned earlier, thinking of the sport or activity your Aries likes best will help you out tremendously when it comes to finding the perfect charm bracelet or knick-knack personalized specifically to them.


Mother Daughter Charm

The Pandora Charm Bracelet is one of many charm bracelets you can buy, each offers its owner the easy and customizable luxury of adding as many charms as they like. This is the best way to create jewelry that truly represents who someone is. This Mother Daughter Charm is one of the ideal charm selections available!

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Tahari Charm Bracelet

If the Aries you have in mind is more into fashion than sports, this Tahari bracelet will do the trick. Tahari is a well loved brand with a reputation for creating stylish luxury pieces.

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Charm Bracelet for the Casual Beach Lover

This charm bracelet is only $10 but it definitely looks a lot more valuable than that! It is perfect for any casual, laid back Aries who enjoys surfing waves or flying down snow-packed mountains.Then again, prissy fashionistas will favor this stylish bracelet as well.

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The Perfect Games to Gift

As mentioned in Aries overall personality description, there’s nothing they love more than some good old fashioned competition!

Clue, The Classic Detective Game

Maybe it’s been years since you’ve played the classic board game Clue, if so you might be surprised to find how fun this game really is! Since you have to use logic to become the winner, and not just sheer luck, Aries will love playing this—any age group included!

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Yahtzee is a great game; it’s classic, fun, and never gets old! Plus, for anyone that is a True Blood fan, Yahtzee will remind them of season 2!

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Battle of the Sexes

Let Aries battle out who the best gender is with this fun, new, and highly rated game!

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Bright Running Shoes

Aries is always looking to better themselves, therefore they will appreciate a pair of running shoes to help them kick-start a new fitness regime, or continue the one they are already on. This gift will help them get busy on their fitness while also staying in style!

Asics Women’s Running Shoes Hot Pink

While the hot pink is obsess-worthy, these Asics running shoes come in a variety of other color combinations as well. Asics are top notch in regards to athletic shoes, and in these great colors they are irresistible.

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Asics Tri 7 Funky Running Shoe

If the pink is not enough color for you, try these Asics that have even more color!

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Nike Black and Purple Flex Trainer Shoe

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Mizuno Women’s Wave Rider 16 Running Shoe

This Mizuno shoe is also available in other equally unique and fun color combinations.

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Mizuno Womens waveriderrunningshoe

Sexy Comedy

Aries is known for their high sex drive and love of comedy, therefore these books make the perfect combination—any Aries with a love of literature is sure to read these front to back in no time at all!


My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One-Night Stands

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Is Everyone Hanging out Without Me?

If your Aries is a big fan of The Office or Mindy Kaling they are sure to adore this hysterical tell-all written by the hilarious actress!

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Sarah Colonna’s Life As I Blow It

Co-written with Chelsea Handler, this book is a shoe-in for the best seller list!

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