Dec. 22 – Jan. 19

Capricorn common features:

Element: Earth
Ruler: Saturn 
The main gemstone: 


Personal qualities: Organizing and constructive. Authoritative and serious. Repressive. Materialistic.

Capricorn and Health

The balanced hard working Capricorn will only exercise if it fits into their work regime. Long periods of work could lead to aches and pains, and stress related illnesses. Keeping warm and dry is very important to those born in Capricorn.

Diseases: Rheumatism, bone and skin diseases, lame knees and sprains.

Body parts and organs: Knees, bones, skin, cutaneous system, joints and knee-cap

Capricorn and Wealth

Like the Scorpio, work is very important to the Capricorn. They like a predictable life and love to see their efforts applauded. They are very patient and are prepared to wait for success. Once there, they help others to achieve their goals.
Achievement must be solid and real with perfection in all cases. As hard workers, they expect high standards and tasks must be completed their way. Ambitious and self-disciplined they can be shrewd when necessary. They love responsibility and challenge at all levels.

CapricornTypical careers include: Engineering, Politics, Dentistry, Civil Service.
They are good as Bankers, Businessmen, Brewers, Miners, Engineers, Landlords.

Capricorn and Love

Capricorns have learned that love cannot be measured in excessive emotion. Love is quiet, and undermining, a mutual gratification. However, it may be that they have not experienced true longing, due to the quiet nature of their feelings.

Capricorn Compatibility

Capricorn is most compatible with: Pisces and Scorpio.
Capricorn is fairly compatible with: CancerTaurus and Virgo.
Capricorn is least compatible with: AriesLeoLibra and Gemini.

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