Birthday Gift Ideas For Him

Male friends are generally great to have, they can go with the flow and they don’t require much up keep—so when it comes time to find a gift for your guy friends it might be shocking to realize that for once, this friendship is difficult! Men can be hard to shop for, most don’t carry purses or lust after gold bracelets—in fact for some men, ‘things’ are hardly all that important. Or at least that’s how it appears to some who could spend all day everyday at the mall and still find more things they wanted! But trust me, everyone likes to get stuff, just as long as it’s the right stuff– and even the burliest of men like a lot of different things!

Here are some great gift ideas for him, make your guy friend(s) happy as can be with any one of these affordable gifts.

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Panasonic Men’s 3-Blade Razor

This Panasonic 3-blade razor will help him get a closer shave with its nano-tech blades, listed for a steal at only $83!

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BBQ Grill

If your guy friend does not already have a BBQ and you gift him one, you just might hands down be  the best gift giver at the party—guaranteed! This Coleman Road Trip collapsible propane grill is listed for $148 and ships for free.

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Restaurant Gift Card

If your guy friend has a girlfriend or wife, a gift card to a restaurant is a very good gift, which will allow him to take his other-half out thanks to you. This is especially appropriate as a gift for him if you know that his significant other gets jealous easily, as this is a very non-intimidating gift that can be for the both of them to enjoy!

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Go Pong Pool Pong Rack

This floating beer pong set makes pool parties even more fun—if your guy friend likes to get wild in the pool, or at the lake, he will absolutely love this fun gift idea, and so will your wallet because it is listed at only $13!

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Tabletop Soccer Foosball Game

While Foosball tables generally cost hundreds of dollars, this tabletop version is high quality and even has legs so that it stands sturdy when played. Bring a whole new game to his bedroom or living room with this affordable foosball table listed at $50.

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Author: Becky

Hello! I am a horseback riding writer with an incessant fetish for shopping and sharing the best gift ideas on the market.

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