Inexpensive Coworker Gift Ideas

 B uying a gift for your coworkers is a nice gesture; after all, you do spend a lot of time around the office together. People will remember you as the nice coworker who gifts great smiles if you buy any of the following inexpensive gift ideas for coworkers!

Desktop Hands Phone Holder $16

This hand statue will look cool on anyones’ desk, at home or at the office, your coworker will make use of this unique gift idea!

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Crazy Coworker Pinhead Doll $16

This crazy coworker pinhead doll might be just the right joke to gift a coworker of yours!

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Work Notepad With Pen $12

Yet another perfect coworker gift idea, especially if you share a boss that sounds something like this. Great for a laugh, this notepad is also useful!

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Shock Stapler $6

Shock all of your coworkers with this stapler that shocks whoever touches down to use it; making it the perfect gag gift for the office.

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Parker Ballpoint Pen $18

This pen and mechanical pencil set is beautiful and looks great in this Parker case, a great coworker gift for those that you do know well and also those you don’t know that well—heck, everyone loves writing with a new pen!

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Bareminerals Flawless Mascara $19

Mascara actually makes a great gift idea for coworkers, mascara might seem small in its little black tube, but it’s a product women use on a regular basis. Buying coworker(s) high-end mascara that is overwhelmingly liked by the majority is sure to be a winning gift idea that is used and appreciated much more often than most other coworker gifts.

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Computer Attachable Mirror $12

Allow your coworkers to be vain with this computer-attachable mirror, at first it might seem silly but it has been given all 5 stars by over 30 satisfied customers!

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Fuzzy Black Bear Paw Slippers For Men and Women $22

These bear claw slippers make for one truly unique coworker gift idea, and at just over $20 they are an affordable way to share a laugh. As cool looking as these slippers are, they are also equally comfortable to wear around the house.

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Fudge Baking Kit $25

Making fudge for the office will quickly make you a superstar in the eyes of your chocolate-loving coworkers, but only if you make good fudge—which isn’t always easy to do. With this Carnation Famous Fudge kit you’re sure to create savory delights that make for the perfect small coworker gift idea.

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European Cookies $28

Everyone that loves sweets, loves European cookies—how can you resist those delicious things? No matter how much we love them, they are not the first things we put on our grocery lists, therefore anytime they are eaten it is a true treat. This box of European cookies offers a savory selection, the perfect coworker gift idea.

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Maps Three Mini Notebooks $10

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Author: Becky

Hello! I am a horseback riding writer with an incessant fetish for shopping and sharing the best gift ideas on the market.

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