AS1000A Eureka AirSpeed Gold Bagless Upright

A low cost option for a powerful vacuum that almost everyone can afford! This vacuum is very popular, which is not hard to believe considering you can pick one up for just under $100!

Utilizing 12 amps of power, the Eureka Air Speed uses the latest in airflow technology to deliver top-notch cleaning performance. This vacuum just goes and goes, even propelling itself forward to make the job of cleaning easier. In fact, compared with many other vacuums this one is able to suck up a tremendous amount of dirt, even the debris deeply embedded into carpets and cracks are no match. The vacuum’s innards were created to make sure that there are little to no bends or curves up inside, this way the dirt flies straight through into the designated bin, without getting caught, pushed back out, or jamming up the entire machine.

Eureka Special Features

There are a number of features other vacuums at similar price points do not offer, such as the high-power tube attached at the back of the device, thus allowing you to get up in the curtains, or deep into dusty corners without any strain or creative thinking on your part! The cord is also long, allowing you to clean more than one room (in most homes) without having to plug and unplug your vacuum multiple times—this actually does conserve time and energy spent cleaning.

eureka airspeed bagless upright

Eureka Negatives

Filter replacements will run you about $45 a year, a little more or a little less, depending on how much you use the vacuum and how well you keep up with cleaning your filter when you empty the bagless compartment. Although, unlike most vacuums this particular model has more than one filter that will need regular changing. To some, the cost of filters over a series of years makes the Dyson suddenly seem more affordable as it requires little to no replacements in the same amount of time. By brushing your filters off between changes you can extend their shelf-life and save money.

Eureka Maintenance

While many assume that the loud sounds and/or lack of suction their Eureka suddenly faces means it has died out on them, the truth is that they likely just need a filter replaced or other form of maintenance work done. When properly taken care of, this Eureka is not the ‘lump of junk’ some wrongly assume, although if you are not the type who keeps up with maintenance perhaps it is not the right vacuum for you.


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