Teen Sister Gift Ideas

Sisters can sometimes drive you crazy—getting into your things or logging into your Facebook account, but the truth is that they will always be there for you; a part of your life forever! Therefore, when it’s time to go shopping for your special teen sister, make her day by buying her one of the best gifts money can buy.

There are a lot of different gifts that teen girls want, at this age there are so many trends to follow and styles to keep up that teens could shop all day. But on the other hand, there are a lot of things that teen girls don’t want– many items are classified as ‘dorky’ or ‘stupid’ to teenagers. If you don’t know what’s trending in teen-land at the moment, help your sister look amazing, have fun, and feel great with any one of these winning teen girl gift ideas.

Stackable Bracelets

Girls and grown women love to stack rows of cute bracelets, but these ones in particular are teen-girl approved!

Think Peace Leather Zen Bracelet $22

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Sunflower Leather Vintage Snap Bracelet $19

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By Boe “Reminder Bow Bracelet” $55

This beautiful By Boe Necklace is filled 14k gold, it can be worn in so many different ways, layered or alone; your sister is sure to enjoy it.

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The Heart Top

One of 2013’s greatest styles is the heart top; teens are youthful enough to pull off these fun sweaters and tops that stand only for love.

2b Heart Top for Girls $27

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Allen Allen Women’s Long Sleeve Crew, Tie-Dye Heart $64

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Cupcake Lip Gloss Set of 12 for $12

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Lace Up Platform Wedge Bootie

High school girls like to go out and wear cute shoes, these lace up wedge booties have rave reviews, are easier to walk in than most heels, and are spot-on in style. The low price will surprise you too– you can score them for well under $40!

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Seventeen Magazine Subscription

Get 2 years of Seventeen magazine for your teen sister and only spend $12—that’s a knockout deal! Your gift to her will come every month for two years; what more could she ask for?

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