May 21 – June 21

Gemini common features:

Element: Air.
Ruler: Mercury. 
The main gemstone: 

Personal qualities: Dualistic. Instinctual mind. Facile intelligence. Dexterity. Mimicry.

Gemini and Health

Gemineans are restless and often forget to adhere to the basics in life like eating and sleeping. Their dual personality trait means their energy levels are often erratic too. They must therefore try to create a balance which will reduce their mood swings. They are also prone to colds and flu this often leads to bronchitis, pneumonia and other chest problems. Gemineans who feel unwell must never delay seeing the doctor because of work pressures.

Body parts and organs: Shoulders, lungs, arms, hands, thymus, bronchial tubes, nervous system, speech, trachea and dorsal spine.
Diseases: Pleurisy, asthma, anxiety, tuberculosis, bronchitis and problems with arms, shoulders and hands.

Gemini and Wealth

Gemineans are strong communicators. They love freedom in their job and an occupation which allows them to be busy in a variety of different situations. They love exploring new possibilities and are good at relating one to one. However they sometimes forget to listen to others. Freelance work is particularly suitable to a Gemini.

gemini necklaceTypical careers include: Publishing, Teaching, Counseling. They are good as Musicians, Journalists, Clerks, Authors.

Gemini and Love

Gemineans hold to the theory that there is more to life than love. They believe that love is still necessary, but may hold them back in life. They have not stopped desiring love, but they are prone to forget its warmth and safety and discard it entirely if it starts to become a barrier to freedom.

Gemini Compatibility

Gemini is most compatible with: Aries and Leo.
Gemini is fairly compatible with: SagittariusAquarius and Libra.
Gemini is least compatible with: CancerTaurusPisces and Virgo.

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