Make Your Own Gift Basket Ideas

A shopping search for ‘gift baskets’ is sure to return some pricey results—not to mention, have you ever inspected what’s really inside of some of todays’ best selling gift baskets? I’ll tell you firsthand, it isn’t always much at all, especially not to warrant price tags anywhere from $60- $120, and beyond!  Still, even though often disappointing, gift baskets are fun to receive which is why they continue to be a very popular gift idea.

You don’t need a naturally creative eye to create a stunning gift basket at home—instead all you need to know are a couple of basic facts about the person you want to gift it to. Not only does making your own gift basket offer the thrill of saving cash, but it also allows you to personalize everything from the contents, to the basket itself, guaranteeing a top-notch gift basket personalized to please.

Step 1: The Basket

Making your own gift basket allows you to select any basket out there—preferably one that’s practical and relevant to their life so that the actual packaging, or basket, becomes another awesome gift. Before buying any filler goodies, the first thing you want to do is find the right basket, knowing what shape and size you have to work around before purchasing the fun stuff will make it easier to package it all together later.


Wicker Bike Basket $20

Prime example: if gifting someone that regularly rides bikes, stuff a number of great gift basket goodies into a classic bike basket!

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Storage Tote $24

If the person you have in mind has a nice, neat and organized home, this storage tote will not only make a great start to any gift basket, but it will also serve a number of other potential purposes long after the gift’s been unwrapped and enjoyed.

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Metal Wastebasket $21

A wastebasket?!? You may be thinking—especially in reference to a gift basket—but seriously it’s a grand idea! Wastebaskets come in a variety of personalized decals including sports, animals, colors, and even names, a never-before used wastebasket filled with goodies is just like gifting an extra present, especially if the wastebasket speaks volumes to ones’ favorite things or personal style.

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Step 2: Must Have Gift Basket Goodies

One part sweet and one part practical equal the perfect ingredients for any superior gift basket! Variety is the key to creating a basket better than any store has on its shelves, always keeping in mind the person you are creating this for because this is your chance to make their eyes light up like magic when they see all of their favorite things displayed before them.


Top 5 Gift Basket Items to Include:


1. Entertainment

A magazine, movie, or book that can entertain long after the party is over.

Mary Poppins 50th Anniversary Blu-Ray Special Addition $34

It can be hard to pick out a good movie for someone, but sticking with a revamped classic makes it hard to go wrong!

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Picture Puzzles $9

For the mind that never wants to stop working, these picture puzzles offer a leisurely way to spend some time.

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2. Candy

The biggest bag you can find of their favorite go-to candy. If you need to ask someone closer to him or her about their favorite sweet-treat, make sure to do so because this will really up the level of gift you give.


King Size Gummi Candy $18

5 pounds of Trolli Gummi Worms might seem insane, but to someone who constantly craves these sour little bites, it will be a dream come true—one they likely never would have bought on their own.

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3. Small Toy or Game

Make your gift basket unique by including a fun game or toy they can pick up time and time again when in need of some quick stimuli.


Magic 8 Ball $8

A classic toy that has provided fun for so many different generations, yet small enough to easily tuck inside of any gift basket.

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4. Something that Smells Nice

Be it body lotion, candles, perfume, or all 3, everyone appreciates a fresh scent.

13 OZ Scented Candle Made in USA $9

Candles made in China regularly sell for more money than this USA-made candle, which smells delicious in a number of unique scents. Enjoy 100+ hours with this candle!

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Burt’s Bees Tips and Toes Kit $11

I can’t think of anyone who isn’t in love with Burt’s Bees amazing line of products, gift them everything they need to keep their lips, feet, and fingers feeling, and smelling, great.

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5. A Touch of Personalization

Since you are crafting this gift basket yourself you have the opportunity to personalize it. Include a small frame with a special photo inside, or a hand-written note—perhaps folded up, tied, and tucked inside to look like a fancy parchment scroll. No matter how you personalize a gift basket it will not go unnoticed.


Heart Shaped Frame $12

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Step 3: The Final Touches

To take your gift basket  from a ‘basket of stuff’ to a professional looking present, colorful foils can be wrapped all the way around the basket to keep the items inside secure. Tie the foil together at the top with a ribbon and/or bow to keep it in place and to fancy it up. Of course there are no rules when it comes to wrapping a gift basket, use your imagination and perhaps even supplies you have at home to dress up your package prettier than any store-bought display!


Vintage Girl Specialty Ribbon $6

The fun patterns that accentuate this ribbon make it stand out as one-of-a-kind, it will add a unique look to any gift basket.

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Crinkle Cut Paper, Gift Basket Filling $6

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