Samsung Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

Simple and sleek, this refrigerator is definitely an option to consider. Samsung’s RSG307 touch responsive Fridge features wide stainless steel french doors and extremely efficient operation with immerse interior lighting.

This Samsung model gives you 29.6 cubic feet, ample space inside to organize, and is designed to circulate air through all drawers inside the fridge, keeping foods up to 50% fresher. While it’s impossible to prevent all spills from occurring within your fridge, you can have a much easier go at cleaning them up with these stain-proof drawers and shelving. The classic French doors open up to a wondrous world of food!

What Makes a Great Fridge

While icemakers are often a problem with Samsung models, this one got it spot on! With an external ice machine, this fridge is great at keeping things chilled, including your food—it has 2 cooling plus systems to ensure you are always covered. Be prepared that this is a very deep fridge, if you are on the shorter side you might want to purchase a stepping stool along with it because you’re going to be stretching pretty far back to reach the inner contents. Although, the ice and water machine is located at just the right height, the touch screen interface allowing for easy operation for all the different sizes in your family! The uniquely tall ice and water dispenser allows you to fill up a number of different sized beverages, quickly with filtered water or delicate cubes of ice. Speaking of ice, with the clear ice container you won’t ever run out of ice again because you will be able to see and visually manage the moment you need more made.

You will also enjoy the wine rack tucked inside, making this fridge ample big for one who likes to throw a good party. You’ll be saving money with your energy efficient machine, so why not indulge on a wine-induced good time—with your new Samsung fridge you’ll like

ly feel like partying anyways. Plus, keep tabs on your fridge and make sure it gets closed at all times with the convenient door alarm.  With the doors clamped closed, the filtration system will keep your food in perfect condition—never too hot or too cold.

Customer Complaints

Some customers complain that the LED lighting is located at the back, sighting that once items start stacking up in your fridge you lose a lot of your lighting. Thankfully, there is enough room in the fridge for one to put their things accordingly, so that the light can still get through. Also, the ice drawer can be a pain to remove and replace—so if you are one who likes to change their ice a lot it might take you some time to get accustomed to removing and replacing it.

The complaints about this model tend to be rather nit picky, as the overall performance and added features make life in the kitchen a lot easier.

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