Top 10 Gifts For 2013

 C ertain products are wanted beyond all others, coveted by many different age groups, associations, borders, and personal styles—but with time these wants shift into new items; don’t get caught gifting last year’s ‘must-have.’ Instead try any of these gift ideas, a collection of only the most popular and sought after items of 2013!

I. Panasonic Interactive Television $3900

Perfect gift idea for : Any and all–!

This Panasonic TV is packed with the latest technology, allowing families to literally interact with the screen– it even has face recognition, therefore all one has to do is look at it and the TV knows what shows they want to watch.

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II. Smart Sound iPhone Case

Perfect gift idea for : Music lovers that have the iPhone!

For people who love to listen to music or watch videos on their iPhone, this Smart Sound iPhone case will dramatically improve their life as it amplifies the speaker power of the iPhone, plus it will make any phone conveniently stand up too!

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III. iPad Mini $340

Perfect gift idea for : EVERYONE!

A full size iPad is a lot to pay for, but the mini iPad is more affordable, making it a great gift idea—especially considering it is one of the most sought after items thus far in 2013.

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IV. Electric Scooter $270

Perfect gift idea for : Active boys and girls 13 and up, so long as they are under 180 pounds

One of the most researched and purchased items in March of 2013 was the electric scooter, meaning more kids want a scooter than perhaps instantly assumed.

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V. And the Mountains Echoed $17

Perfect gift idea for : Anyone who loved the novel, The Kite Runner 

For anyone that fell in love with the novels, A Thousand Splendid Suns, and, The Kite Runner, it’s more than just good news that Khaled Hosseini has finally written another novel! Reading his work is unlike reading anything else, he is so captivating in how he writes, a true delight to read any of his works of fiction.

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VI. ‘Keep Calm’ Merchandise $13

Perfect gift idea for : Women who have young energy and tend to be perfectionists

‘Keep Calm’ sayings are becoming so popular they have taken on a life form of their own, for those that adore the little sayings, relevant ‘keep calm’ merchandise makes for a great gift idea in 2013.

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VII. Vitamix TurboBlend Two Speed $380

Perfect gift idea for : health conscious individuals who have their own kitchen

Juicing has becoming really popular this year, adding some wheat grass to a daily fruit smoothie can improve your health and help you lose weight. The problem with getting healthy is that it costs a lot of money to start, give the gift of health with a high powered juicer that will change the way one can eat in a delicious, fun, and trendy way!

Word from the wise: I have tried many food processers and juicers before but after recently getting this Vitamix as a gift myself, I can honestly say it is than anything at all! It’s so powerful and quick, it amazes me every morning when I make my favorite juice smoothie for breakfast– in whichI  blend: ½ a cup of coconut water, frozen pineapples and frozen mixed berries, a banana, one handful of wheat grass,  1 orange, and a few cubes of ice! yum yum 🙂

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VIII. The LeapFrog LeapPad2 $100

Perfect gift idea for : anyone aged 36 months to 9 years

Make any kids day with this kid-friendly gift idea–the LeapPad has been awarded the #1 kids learning tablet in 2013 which makes it a parent-approved gift as well!

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IX. One Direction’s Harry Styles Paper Airplane Necklace $10

Perfect gift idea for : One Direction loving ladies aged 7-14

For teeny-boppers, there’s nothing like the pop sensation, One Direction, to get them squealing; this popular boy band has stolen the hearts of many young ladies around the globe. Gift to her obsession with One Direction merchandise. For any One Direction fan this Harry Styles Paper Airplane Necklace will light up her whole day as it is unique and instead of being gaudy and reading ONE DIRECTION, it’s simply symbolic of one of the band’s cutest members! Great idea is to gift concert tickets along with this necklace, or any other One Direction merchandise!

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X. Michele Bracelet Watch $940

Perfect gift idea for : Women aged 23+ 

A watch is a big ticket item that says a lot about a person. Michele watches are classic; loved and recognized by women of all generations, a Michele watch makes for a great gift idea if the person in mind is into high-end fashion, or just deserves the best of the best!

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Author: Becky

Hello! I am a horseback riding writer with an incessant fetish for shopping and sharing the best gift ideas on the market.

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