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Grandmas are always there to spoil us, making us feel special, telling us how so very pretty or handsome we are; so when the time comes to give Grandma a gift, pick out something special that will really stand out to her and make her feel as loved as she always makes you feel. Even if you know your Grandma very well, the generation gap between you two can leave holes in your gift giving intentions; or perhaps, you’ve already given her the classic photo in frame for the last 4 occasions. Spice up your usual gift-giving with these fail-proof grandma gift ideas, which are all grandma-approved might I add!

Everlasting Candles

If your Grandma is anything like mine, she loves to save—and the longer something can last, the better! Therefore, candles can almost seem wasteful since they only last a few nights before burning down to nothing. Yet, when your Grandma gets a wiff of these forever burning electric candles, she will be giddy as a schoolgirl! These candles take away the danger of a fire and they also last for a very long time, keeping practical Grandmas extra pleased. All 6 of these varying sized candles come in a set for only $15!

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#1 Grandma Locket $70

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Throw Pillows

Grandmas– just like any homemaker– love to decorate, and a nice throw pillow will add flavor to their living space as well as a comfortable place to rest their head. Throw pillows will even double as a cushion between your Grandma’s latest book and her lap—making it the perfect afternoon buddy!

Pillow Perfect Chevron Rectangular Throw Pillow $34

Also available in in an Aqua and Lime color variation that is simply stunning!

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chevronpillowyellowandblueGreendale Home Fashions Zig Zag Toss Pillows (Village Blue)

This set of two pillows is only $31!

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Pillow Perfect Decorative Pillow

A set of 2 different pillows that work perfectly together listed at only $22!

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Comfy Toilet Seat Germ Resistant Cover

You might not think about it often but Grandma probably does not like sitting down on a cold, slick toilet seat—with old age, these sorts of things get less and less fun. Allow her the chance to sit down on something warm and fuzzy—like this comfy cover. When it gets dirty, simply remove it and run it through the washing machine, therefore Grandma will always have a clean and comfy seat when she uses the bathroom. Pricing starts at $10.

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Polaroid Instant Camera

Grandma’s love pictures, but they remember the old days when not only could you see your pictures instantly, but you could have them in physical Polaroid Print form. Although not as popular as they once were, the Polaroid instant cameras have been rejuvenated and still do exist today. Allow Grandma to capture all of her favorite memories, and have the photo in hand to instantly prove it—just like in the good old days!

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