Gift Ideas For Grandpa

Some Grandpas are jolly and others come off mean, but no matter what ‘type’ your old man is, it’s hard not to love him! Having lived such a long life he knows and understands things it will take years for you to comprehend, such as the joy of family—and how the younger generations will carry forth his name. While he’s still here, let him know how special he is and he will never forget it. Any one of these great Gift Ideas for Grandpa will have him grinning ear to ear—long after the wrapping has been ripped off!

Grandpa Frame $25

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History DVD for Grandpa

Grandpas tend to love history—and for good reason, they were a part of some of it. Therefore, gifting grandpa a highly rated history DVD will grant him hours of engaging pleasure!

PBS: The Civil War $53

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The World at War $49

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The Last Voices of WWI- A Generation Lost

This amazing DVD is only $7– far less than most other equally rated history films.

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‘This is What a Really Cool Grandpa Looks Like’ T-Shirt

Pricing for this grandpa t-shirt changes based on size, ranging anywhere from $16-$27.

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Grandpa is Grillin’ Apron

If your Grandpa likes to cook, this chief’s apron will be perfect for him, listed at $18.

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Papa Frame $12

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National Geographic Magazine Subscription

Grandpa doesn’t likely work anymore; therefore he has a lot of free time to spend reading– but one can only read so many novels or black and white newspapers before growing bored. So give Grandpa a magazine subscription to National Geographic, offering him a new set of reading materials that will engage his sharp mind.

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Senior Cell Phone $80

Grandparents often struggle to use the latest cell phones sold at Verizon or AT&T; this Senior Cell Phone will allow Grandpa to easily keep track of his calls. Get ready for more frequent phone calls from him though, he’s going to love this senior-friendly phone!

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