Eureka Hand-Held Vacuum, 71B

If your furniture is full of animal hair, you will be so glad you bought this Eureka hand-held vacuum!

You can use this on a number of surfaces, from the carpeted floors to the marble entryway, and then take it to the wood floors in the kitchen! This vacuum is made  for those that have stairs to clean too—the unique design will clean allow you to easily vacuum your staircase like never before. There is a motorized roller brush attached to this vacuum, which really helps to clean up stray hairs and other particles left behind—not only by us humans, but also by our animal friends! In fact, this vacuum is most valued by those that have pets—if you have a couch or any other surface that pets pollute with their hair, it can get mighty annoying to constantly purchase new lint rollers to take care of the job. Enjoy the attached hose feature that will give you extra length and height as you clean. Without a bag, this Eureka handheld vacuum allows you to clean the dust and dirt built up within the storage cup without wasting any resources or purchasing any pricey bags; allowing you to use it on a daily basis without worry.

Negatives to the Eureka Hand-Held Vacuum

On the downside, it tends to be a little bit loud– although I argue, what vacuum isn’t a little bit noisy? Also, it is also hard to get into extremely tight crevices because it does not have the funnel piece, which is offered on the Black & Decker handheld vacuum. Also, unlike many other handheld vacuums, this is not cordless! Therefore you will need a plug available within 20 feet in order to use it.


Eureka Maintenance

In order to keep your Eureka running strong, you want to make sure that your filter is just as clean as the storage bin! When emptying out your vacuum, take out the filter (each time) and scrap off the built up lint, hair, and other debris in order to keep your filter lasting longer and your vacuum sucking at max capacity.

Overall Consensus

This hand held is reasonably priced—very comparable to the Black & Decker version. This vacuum is recommended to those that have steps or other flat and small surfaces to clean, for tighter nooks and crannies, I would check out the Black & Decker.

Author: Becky

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