Capricorn Gift Ideas For Him

December 22-January 20 

Capricorns are generally highly successful, with their go-get-it attitude anything is possible, especially because they are willing to put in the hard work to get there. In fact, simply having a Capricorn around can make the sky seem a little less far away and unlimited potential a true possibility. For the most part, Capricorns rely on their practicality to make rash decisions throughout life, trying to move slowly in order to make the most sound of decisions.

The sign for the Capricorn is the goat, a great mascot considering both goat and Capricorn have an overall goal of getting to the top of any mountain. In order to achieve their far-reaching goals Capricorns might come off as a little bossy and/or domineering, traits that drive away some people, although talking this out with a Capricorn will likely get you nowhere. Capricorns will attribute any of their behaviors you disfavor in the name of getting ahead and being a good leader. Perhaps they are right, for there are a number of successful and famous Capricorns in the world. The good thing about Capricorn is, for the most part, they won’t step on your face or chop off your hair in order to get ahead, instead they are patient and sure-minded. Knowing that they will eventually reach their goals keeps them from taking any extreme, rude, or insensitive measures in search of a short cut.

They might be bossy and want things their way but Capricorns are loyal individuals that will forever have your back. They show up to work each day ready to go, this down-to-earth sign is willing to work harder than anyone to earn their bread and butter! Capricorns are practical people who do not enjoy wild surprises, because of this beware planning them a surprise party. Capricorns do not enjoy surreal ideas or silly dreams; therefore the perfect gift will address a certain purpose in their life.


Capricorn Gift Ideas For Him

Movie Tickets 

Capricorn enjoys a good movie, especially at the theater. For a male, especially one with a girlfriend—or a couple of girlfriends—movie tickets are perfect because they allow the Capricorn to spoil his mate and himself at the same time, something Capricorns enjoy. Just make sure to pick the theater that the Capricorn in mind frequents, otherwise it’s not so easy to redeem these gift cards!

Regal Movie Tickets Gift Card

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AMC Theaters Gift Card

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Fandango Movie Theater Gift Card

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Desk For Success

This might seem completely random—who buys someone a desk as a present? But seriously, take a good look at your Capricorns desk situation and assess if a new one is needed. Think of it like this: what’s more practical than office furniture? A desk– or any other functional and regularly used item will be appreciated day after day. Any Capricorn who spends a great deal of time at their work desk will love this gift because it will help them achieve their ultimate goal of success.

South Shore Axess Collection Desk

This gorgeous desk with pullout drawers and plenty of storage space is under $100 and ships for free!

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Glass L-Shaped Corner Computer Desk

The thick glass makes this desk really stand out, great for a modern apartment or home it is listed under $200.

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Modern Computer Desk

This modern take on the computer desk is listed at just over $100. It’s a great  way to seamlessly mix a desk in with your decorating, especially helpful in small living spaces.

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Coffee Machine

Having a coffee machine at home can save a lot of money– those trips to The Coffee Bean really add up! Coffee machines are also great for entertaining, plus they can even multitask and become like an alarm clock in the morning as well!

Black and Decker Brew ‘n Go

This personal coffeemaker comes with a travel cup for quick brew, pour, and go! Enjoy gifting this handy device for under $20.

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Hamilton Beach Two Way Brewer

Make one cup of coffee or make up to 12 cups of coffee with this Hamilton Beach brewing machine, listed just short of $80.

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Classic Mr. Coffee Programable Coffe Machine

It might appear basic but you can do all the tricks with this coffee machine as well, including setting a time for your coffee to automatically begin to brew—perfect for those of us who have limited time each morning when trying to get out of the house! Listed just under $30.

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Practical Watch

A watch is a status symbol, the watch that one wears says a lot about who they are as a person—are they laid back? Sophisticated? Sporty? Depending on the personality of your Capricorn, the exact watch you purchase will obviously differ—here are some varied options to check out.

Citizen Watch with Blue Face for Men

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Omega Men’s Seamaster

If you can afford to splurge, you might as well blow their socks off with this stunning statement watch.

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Men’s Dolce and Gabanna Watch

The orange strap on this watch really makes it standout, it also gets our Price Pick Award for being designer, fashionable, and under $100!

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