Best Friend Gift Ideas For Her

 W hen it comes to finding the perfect best friend gift idea, you don’t want to skimp out—after all, true best friends are hard to come by. So even though your girlfriend will still love you even if you gift her coal, show her how much you care with one these best friend gift ideas for her.

‘Girls Just Want to Have Fun’ Kate Spade Bracelet $61

This Kate Spade Bangle Bracelet reads: Girls Just Want To Have Fun; and since fun is what friends are for, bring it on with this best friend gift idea.

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Best Friends Wish Candle $21

This is the perfect birthday best friend gift idea, since it is called a ‘wish candle’ and birthdays are all about blowing out candles and making wishes!

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Dillon Rogers “A Charmed Neck” Necklace $50

This is a unique best friend gift idea your girlfriend is sure to adore.

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Best Friend Plaque

Remind your best friend just how many crazy nights the two of you have spent together with this best friend decorative plaque, made in the USA!

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Ted Baker Wallet $105

My own best friend has this wallet so I know first hand how well it holds up, how sleek it looks, and how much she loves it! Getting a new wallet is super exciting, largely because we use our wallets on such a regular basis; your best friend might not even notice that her current wallet is getting a little beaten up, but as soon as she starts switching over her cash and cards, she will be ever so grateful to you for upgrading her wallet, especially to this fabulous Ted Baker selection!

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World’s Best Friend Trophy $15

This best friend trophy should be awarded to the very best friend you can think of, someone who truly deserves the honor because they are always there for you. in good times, bad times, and regular old times! A nice looking piece to gift your best friend, she will appreciate the gesture and love bragging where the trophy came from.

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Hue Pajama Set $45

Instead of just counting sheep when your BFF goes to sleep, she can snuggle up with them while wearing these adorable sheep-print Hue Pajamas. Everyone loves getting a new pair jammies to snuggle up in at the end of a long day, gift your bestie the treat of doing so!

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Best Friends Picture Album $11

The two kissing kitties on the cover of this best friends photo album will melt the heart of any animal lover; stuff with great photos of the two of you as your friendship has grown, changed, but forever remained amazing. Don’t worry about filling up the whole album, even if you can only fill a page or two, you will both look forward to filling the pages together in the near future and far beyond!

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Best Friends Trinket Box $22

Place something that symbolizes your friendship inside of this best friend decorative box and it will be a favorite memento for years to come.

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Best Friend Necklace

Throughout childhood it’s common for young girls to buy best friend necklaces, one wearing the charm Best, and the other sporting the charm that reads, Friends. These same classic best friend necklaces are made for grown ups too, giving women of all ages the chance to relive a fun part of childhood—giving, getting, and sharing best friend necklaces.


Gold Heart Best Friend Pendant $10

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Best Friend Coin Necklace $10

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Silver Best Friends Necklace $15

The best part about this adorable necklace is that it’s made in the USA!

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Best Friend T-Shirt $17-$21

This is a unique best friend gift idea because you are the one that is going to be wearing the shirt while out celebrating your best friend. The attention will make her feel so special—even if it’s slightly embarrassing, it will mean the world to her how important you have made her feel.

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