Kitchen Aid 5-Quart Mixer

The Only Mixer You’ll Ever Have to Buy!

There might be no better investment for your kitchen then one of these machines! Meet your handy-dandy little helper for making cookies, cakes, icing, mashed potatoes—anything, you name it and this device will make it 10x easier to accomplish! Never get tired, having your arm go round and round as you mix a stubborn batter, simply flick on the device and see your machine come to life on a number of different speed settings so that you can keep your potatoes crunchy or puree them smooth.

 Why Buy a Kitchen Aid Mixer?

The sleek stainless steel keeps cleaning to a minimum while the tilt-head makes quickly adding ingredients a breeze! The bowl is also large enough to fit A LOT of portions, perfect for those Holiday parties when you have 10+ people to cook for! By purchasing a few additional pieces you are able to turn your Kitchen Aid mixer into numerous identities—like an ice cream maker or a meat grinder. If you enjoy baking things from scratch, the dough hook you can attach will create the perfect batch of batter. Regardless of what you need to make, there is a special device to make it just right.

 How Long will the Kitchen Aid Blender Last?

This mixer will last and last, the motor is extremely reliable and very strong for such a small device. Expect to get more than a couple good years out of your mixer, making it well worth the price tag. Many other model mixers break after only a year of use, but not the Kitchen Aid line of top-notch blenders.  You can actually use this on an everyday basis and still expect lasting results. Plus, it looks so attractive it can sit out permanently, unlike other appliances that might cost less but look like an eyesore instead of a candy-colored luxury! In fact, everyone that comes to my place notices my mixer, commenting how lucky I am to have it… they have no idea!

A Variety of Colors to Select!

This is one of the few products it’s hard to find anything negative about, perhaps that’s why it flies off of the shelves at every store that decides to carry it. Purchasing online is your best bet, as it’s hard to find an in-store location that carries all of the amazing color options at any one time.

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