Gift Ideas For Bride Without A Registry

When a bride signs up for a registry she saves her guests a whole lot of trouble and she gets to have a whole lot of fun. Setting up your registry is like ordering everything you want without worrying about how much any of it costs. It’s incredibly easy for guests to find the perfect gift when a bride has already marked off everything she wants from a variety of stores. Even better, the whole system keeps two guests from making an identical purchase.


The majority of brides open a wedding registry for at least one store, but not all do and percentages tend to vary by location. For instance, in Hawaii  62% of brides have one, and in Nevada 69% of brides sign up for one or more. On the other hand, if you live in Iowa or Nebraska you’re in luck when it comes to finding the perfect gift because 96-97% of couples have a registry.

No need to worry if your bride has left you with no easy options to pick from, the gift guru has got you covered! Here are some of the best gift ideas for a couple without bridal registries.

China Tea Set $110

If a couple doesn’t have a registry it’s probably safe to assume they don’t need or want a bunch of new dishes and serving platters. That’s okay, you can keep it classic while still gifting them something truly unique, such as with this nice tea set made of dine bone china.

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A Nice Bottle Of Wine $100- $300+

Gift the newlyweds something they can toast to after the wedding craziness comes to an end. Gift wine so good they will thank you as every last drop is consumed. Going off the whole ‘wine theme’ you could also purchase the couple a fun day of wine tasting and lunch, or some other local fun activity that speaks to their personalities.

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Newlyweds’ Book Of Firsts $16

This keepsake journal is a great wedding gift idea for a couple that likes to document their journeys. On the other hand, if the couple in question doesn’t scrapbook, keep diaries or even have photo books out in the living room, this isn’t the gift for them because it will never get used.

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Grown Up Jewelry Box

A wedding means new jewelry, and likely nicer jewelry than one has ever had. It is rather common for a couple to find a newfound appreciation for diamonds after buying or receiving the most substantial rock they’ve ever owned. As a result, a high end jewelry box is a great wedding gift idea.

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Fun T-Shirt $20

Make the Bride’s day that much brighter by gifting the new husband this shirt: Buy Now


Meanwhile the bride will look great in this:

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Honeymoon Bound Luggage Tags $30

This is a better gift to give ahead of the wedding just in case the newlyweds don’t open their wedding gifts until after they return home from their honeymoon. Unlike many other luggage tags for newlyweds that are reserved to use just after the wedding (because they say something like ‘new wife’ or ‘honeymoon bound’), these cute luggage tags could be used forever and still remain appropriate. Plus, they are personalized with the couple’s names!

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Fun Newlywed Games

Gift the couple some fun newlywed games to keep the excitement going long after the ‘I do’s’. Some great games for newlyweds include:

88 Great Conversation Starters $8

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Sexy Truth Or Dare $10

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Kate Spade Invitation Frame $100

People buy newlyweds a lot of frames, so if you’re going to go this route you have to go big or go with another gift. This Kate Spade frame offers you the ability to gift a frame that isn’t just like all the others. The gorgeous frame offers a place for you to put a wedding invitation and then the couple can add a photo from their wedding day on the opposite side. Instead of leaving the picture-side blank, slip in a hand written note for extra personalization!

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Personalized Ornament For The Couple $20

Meaningful ornaments are a great way to show a couple how much you care about them year after year.

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Old World Christmas Bride’s Ornament Collection $99

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Should You Give Money As A Wedding Gift?

Gifting money at a wedding is  an option, and one that new couples always appreciate… but, it’s not the best gift idea if you only have $30 or $50 to spend. If you don’t want to spend $100+ dollars we highly recommend going with a well-thought out gift instead. Even if you do gift a generous amount of money it’s always extra nice to add an affordable sentiment with it.

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