pearlPearls Are a Symbol of Loyalty

Nothing says I will forever love you better than a pearl. It is the perfect wedding day gift for any new bride, as it portrays loyalty. Pearls hit the headlines when Lady Gaga was photographed wearing them to the Charity Gala of Aids victim Natasha Richardson which is also a genuine gesture of showing loyalty to those you love.

Description: Even though it is classed as a semiprecious stone, a pearl is of course taken from the marine world rather than the ground – most famously in oysters.  In soft and muted hues, pearls shimmer from light caught between their layers.

Power Qualities of Pearl Healing Stones:

  • Promotes integrity they focus attention on the truth of a situation
  • Invoke loyalty to a cause
  • Inhibit boisterous behavior
  • Pearls will calm digestive disorders
  • Lightens the mood
  • Helps the wearer to love herself so that others may more easily love her
  • Strengthens the nerves and adrenals



Pearls grow in every possible color, depending on the color of the mollusk.  Most usually seen as a creamy color, they even grow as blacks and lavenders. The most revered is the Indian rose pearl

Varieties: A pearl is a reaction to a mollusk being irritated by a piece of grit.  An oyster will secrete silky layer upon layer of a substance called the nacre to protect itself. Referred to as the orient of the pearl, the iridescent luster is light reflecting between these layers.  It takes between seven and eight years for enough layers to form a solid pearl.

Natural Pear, grow in shells with no human intervention, but these days pearls can be cultivated either from a piece of grit that is introduced to the oyster shell, known as the cultured pearl, or by placing a tiny bead in the shell, known as the nucleated pearl.

Birthstone: Pearls are the birthstone for June.  They have a special affinity with those born under the watery sign of Cancer. Find a gift for him or her!

pearl necklace

Wedding Anniversary: Pearls are traditionally given to celebrate the 30th wedding anniversary

The Healing Qualities of Pearl Stone: Pearls are known to reduce symptoms of bloating. They strengthen the nerves, especially the adrenal glands which can become exhausted after long periods of stress. They are reputed in all civilizations to increase fertility and ease childbirth.

Types of Pearl Used for Healing: All pearls have the power to heal although cultured pearls seem to have a purer vibration to them.

Pearl Mystical Powers: Pearls have a very gentle vibration and are very feminine. There is a joy to them which lightens the mood of anybody who comes into contact with them. They are often aligned to charity and are very much a gem of integrity.  They help to focus attention and allow a person to see the truth it situations this provoking wisdom through experience.

The History of Pearls: Both China and Japan have had affection for pearls for centuries and people still pearl dive for a living in that part of the world. The Chinese discovered they could make freshwater pearls in the 13th Century and Japan have been culturing the popular gems even before that. In Chinese myth the pearl presents the tears of the dragons battling in the heavens. The ancient Greeks shared a similar idea and told how pearls were the tears of the gods and would protect a newlywed bride from shedding her own tears.

Pearls in fact enjoy a very close relationship with weddings and nuptials, a custom that is traced back to traditions in India where the father of the bride took to the water to collect a dowry for his daughter.  Legend has it that Cleopatra served the ground powder in drinks to her most favored guests.

pearl earringsThe Name’s Origin: The word pearl is said to be derived from the French word “perle” which means ham or mutton shaped.

Care and Treatment: Pearls are very soft and are made up of about 2 per cent water.  It is important to treat them gently and wipe them with a damp cloth every time you wear them.  When cleaning, be careful not to let water enter the pearl through the thread hole as this can weaken the gem.

Pearls Around the World: Most cultured pearls come from Japan although the Australians developed pearl farms in the 1960s and now enjoy a very healthy trade.  In the warm seas of the South Pacific, large South Sea and Tahitian pearls thrive. Most freshwater pearls originate from Japan.

Pearls Make the Ideal Wedding Gift: Diamonds may be a girl´s best friend, but a pearl necklace is not far behind. Pearls make the ideal gift for a new bride and given to her by her husband is a symbol of loyalty.

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