21st Birthday Gift Ideas For Her

 21 is a birthday truly worth celebrating, in the US it’s the key age everyone waits for—as turning 21 means you can finally drink alcohol… legally! While a few years back turning 18 signaled one as an official adult, 21 feels much more grown up and exciting– or maybe that’s just the booze talking ;). Splurge on her twenty-first birthday gift this year with any one of these great gift ideas for 21! 


Life of the Party Drinking Kit $15

It’s only natural to be the life of the party on your own 21st birthday—gift the birthday gal this hangover kit so that she can do so without feeling completely crummy come morning, or worse—by the end of the night!

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18k Gold ‘21’ Necklace $170

This necklace is trendy, gorgeous, and so appropriate for a 21st birthday gift idea!

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Twenty-One Carat Alexandrite Necklace $85

This gorgeous necklace offers her a carat for each year she’s been alive—21 in total. Not only is it stunning to look at but the price is impossible to beat!

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Kate Spade ‘Locked In’ Thin Bangle Bracelet $71

All young women are wearing stacked bracelets these days, gift her a bangle from Kate Spade that will become a staple piece worn on her wrist; available in lots of colors, select her favorite and hear her scream!

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Fun Sandals

Young women practically live in fun flip flops—a comfy pair of cute sandals are perfect for school, the beach, errands, and maybe even work!  A plain pair of brown flip flops won’t suffice though, instead look towards truly unique flip-flops for her.


Vivienne Westwood Women’s Heart Sandal $87

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Melissa Flower Sandal $50

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Sam Edelman Women’s Gladiator Sandal $100

Also available in colors camel and black.

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My 21st Birthday $9

This ‘My 21st Birthday’ book is the perfect gift for 21st birthdays, it allows one to document their entire crazy celebration—so while some memories might become fuzzy with time, this book will keep all wild events crystal clear!

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Party Clutch For Her

21st birthdays often signal the beginning of a much more active social life, just as house parties and drunken BBQs start to get old, we turn 21 and are finally able to really go out! While a backpack or oversized purse is fine at a friends late night get together, when going out to drink at bars, clubs, or nice restaurants, women quickly learn they need a good clutch to appear fashionable! Since 21 year olds have a lot of going out to do, they can never have enough nice clutches—here are some any girl will droll over!


Wood Framed Clutch $25

Fun and affordable, this clutch is available in an assortment of brilliant colors.

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Four Ring Knuckle Clutch $40

Let her slid her fingers right through the loops on top of this clutch and she will hardly know she is carrying anything all night long! Elegant, yet badass all at the same time, it is perfect for a 21st birthday gift. Also available in many beautiful colors so you can pick the shade most fitting for her.

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The SAK Iris Demi Clutch $23

The SAK is a good brand and this is one cute clutch, making the $23 price tag a jaw-dropping discovery!

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