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tiger4Tiger Eye Gemstones Attract Good Fortune

The wild and mysterious Tiger Eye gemstone has been the hottest thing on the 2012 catwalks. A-list celebrities including Kirsten Dunst & Nicole Richie positively purred as they showed off these stunning feline gems.  And so they should! With the stone of cunning and patience they’ve got luck on their side.  A Tiger Eye gemstone gives you the instinct when to pounce on your next opportunity.

Description: The enigmatic Tiger Eye shines with a golden luster when polished.  It shows off rich yellow and golden brown stripes with a luminescent streak of green which is called chatoyancy.  This inner light shimmers like the cats’ eye which gave its name to the gem.

Power Qualities of Tiger Eye Healing Stones:

  • Aligns the spinal column
  • Alleviates pain and dispels toxins
  • Grounds a person
  • Teaches patience and quiet
  • Helps ADD
  • Instills practicality
  • Alleviates psychosomatic illnesses

Color: A sleek brown gem with slithers of black, red, orange and green running through it.

Varieties: The gem which makes up the non-oxidized composition of tiger eye results in a blue coloring which gives it a completely different look.  Although it is from the same family, the blue gems are given the name Hawks Eye gemstone.

Birthstone: A Tiger Eye gemstone is the traditional birthstone for those born under the sign of Gemini. Find a gift for him or her!


Wedding Anniversary: Celebrate nine years of marriage with a Tiger Eye gemstone.

The Healing Qualities of Tiger Eye Gemstone: Reputed to be able to mend broken bones, Tiger Eye has been an important stone for soldiers who have been hurt in combat. It also allows the patient to understand that the repair process takes time.

It is also known to strengthen and aligns the spinal column. Since all nerves (apart from the sinuses) run through the spine this helps to energize the whole body. Think how the tiger crouches down to spring, she uses her entire body with the energy center coiled right at the core. By removing the vertebrae back into alignment it frees nerves and helps to dispel toxicity.  In this way it brings powerful pain relief. It also aids night vision, another plus for members of the armed forces.

Tiger Eye is an important gem to use during times of transition and change.  It allows decisions to be made objectively and unclouded by emotion.  Instilling practicality it focuses the mind, aids clarity and removes doubt. Its ability to dispel fear and anxiety also alleviates psychosomatic illnesses. It is a very grounding gemstone.

The primary function on a healing level of this particular semiprecious stone is concentration, especially by grounding a person. It has very powerful things to offer sufferers of Attention Deficit Disorder.

Varieties of Tiger Eye used in Healing: Where Tiger Eye teaches the messages of the slinky cat, Hawk Eye teaches how to swoop on the thermals in the sky. Its messages are birdlike and is particularly useful to help you achieve astral projection. It also protects pilots and calms the fear of flying in children.

Tiger-eye Mystical Powers: A Tiger Eye can help a person to understand their own needs in relation to another’s. This is a two way dynamic, it helps selfishness and selflessness. It will also stabilize mood swings and help people with volatile tempers to become more tolerant. It gives soothing routes of communication to teachers and carers.


The History of Tiger-eye Stones: Egyptians believed that any stones displaying chatoyancy brought great fortune and Cleopatra always carried great handfuls of Tiger Eye gemstone with her.  An abundance of Tiger Eye can always be found on the archaeological sites of former Roman battle fields. Soldiers believed that the all seeing-eye would protect them in war.

The Name’s Origin: The semiprecious stone takes its name from its semblance to a feline eye.

Care and Treatment: Protect Tigers Eye from any knocks or scratches and clean with a soft cloth.

Tiger Eye Around the World: The most important mine producing Tiger Eye is found in South Africa. The finest stones come from a deposit in Griqualand West.

The Ideal Gift: Tiger Eye is an ideal gift for anyone who has A.D.D. (attention deficit disorder).  It will also help a person that is struggling with a difficult time in their life, especially if they are experiencing money shortages as Tiger Eye attracts fortune.

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