60th Birthday Gift Ideas

60 is no longer old– in fact 60 year olds are more hip and capable than ever before; just look towards superstars like Cher or Madonna for spot-on examples. Therefore when 60th birthday parties roll around, get ready to have some fun and say Happy Birthday to your loved one with a gift that is appropriate, useful, and perhaps even funny!

60th Birthday Mug For Him $17

Make any ‘Vintage Dude’ feel special with this coffee mug made just for the legend of a man that he is.

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60th Wine Glass $20

Reads: “Aged to Perfection,” beneath the big blingy 60.

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60th Tiara For Her $11

Make her feel like a Queen on her big day with this sparkly Tiara made just for women on their 60th birthday!

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You’re Only Old Once: A Book for Obsolete Children $15

Dr. Seuss has written a wining 60th birthday gift with this hilarious book, made just for the aging population!

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Massage Cushion $45

Let the Birthday King or Queen work out any kinks and pains with this high power massage cushion, like gifting unlimited massages this is a gift that keeps on giving.

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What You Don’t Know about Turning 60 $7

P.D. Witte has written a hilarious birthday quiz for those turning 60, this book will spur on many laughs while making a very fitting gift idea.

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Silk Pajamas For Him & Her

Nearing retirement or already there, a lot more relaxing is going to be in the future; help any 60 year old out with a pair of fancy pajamas they will anticipate lying around in with joy .

Satin Pajamas For Him $40 

This set even comes with a silky-smooth sleep mask; making a great 60th birthday gift idea for him.

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Satin Pajama Set For Her $30 

This pajama set, with sleep mask, is a great gift idea for her; available in  many different color patterns, there’s a perfect set for women of every style.

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60th Birthday Men’s Shirt $20

Reads: “Im Not 60! I’m 18 with 42 Years Experience” Makes a great gift idea for a 60 year old guy with a good sense of humor and a young spirit. Available in a number of different colors.

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Comical 60th Birthday Shirt For Him $26

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60th Birthday Tee For Her $19- $30

“It took 60 years to look this good,” Reads this shirt, available in a couple different colors; making the perfect gift idea for a sweet lady with a good sense of style.

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1953 Gift Book $30

“What a Year it Was…” For anyone turning 60, 1953 is an important year signaling the start of their life; allow them to relive that time period with this great 60th birthday gift idea– an especially good present for history buffs!

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Happy 60th Birthday Frame $15

The sleek and sophisticated look that this frame possesses makes it an ideal gift idea for either a man or woman turning 60.

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