Gifts For Dog Lovers

If you know someone that adores their dog(s), they will surely enjoy a present that adds to their life, but also the life of their beloved pet. Buying gifts for someone elses animal can be tricky—everyone has different rules and regulations regarding what their animal likes and does not like. For example, while some pet owners choose to put their puppies in a knitted sweater, others find the practice tacky and unfavorable. Therefore, before purchasing a gift for any dog lover, make sure you have a general idea about what type of stuff they like their dog to have.

For the most part, the following gift ideas for dog lovers will make two people very happy: your human friend, and their best friend—the doggy. Woof, Woof!

Chuckit! For Dogs $10

Add hours of fun to play time with a Chuckit! This fun tool allows one to throw balls incredibly fast and far, making all dogs that love a good game of fetch extra excited.

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Organic Dog Biscuit Cook Book $14

Some people love their dogs so much they even bake for them– my mom being one of these people. And for good reason, too many dogs are getting sick and even dying early because of the lackluster ingredients and handling practices present in today’s dog food. It’s safer and more nutritious to give your dog homemade food, if you know someone that has the time and interest in baking for their dog they will greatly appreciate this organic dog cookbook.

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Dog Bone Cookie Cutter Set $9

These dog bone cookie cutters are a great gift to give along with the doggy cookbook pictured above. Yet, they also make a superb gift all on their own!

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Love My Dog Canvas Tote Bag $22

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Dog Stroller $79

This dog stroller is available in cobalt blue or pink, this stroller is perfect for any dog lover that takes their pet everywhere with them! This stroller will make it easy for any small to medium sized dog to tag along, plus the extra pockets and storage space is always useful for a day on the go.

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Decorative Doggy Pillow $15

This decorative pillow will go great in any dog lovers home. It reads: “Heaven is the place where all the dogs you’ve ever loved come to meet you!”

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Small Dog Royal Canopy Pet Bed $44

This metal Canopy dog bed was made for small pups and cats to lounge in luxury on! Just make sure the pet in mind is small enough to comfortably enjoy this adorable accent piece.

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Personalized Dog Lover Photo Laptop Bag $37

Give the best present at the party with this laptop bag personalized with a photo of your friend’s beloved dog(s).

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