Great Dresses For Spring Wedding Guests

Are you invited to one or more spring weddings this year? If so, what are you planning to wear?

Part of any gift you bring along to a wedding is yourself! If you dress in Goth-garb or wear a skanky dress, most bride and groom pairs will be a bit peeved with you.  Picking out an appropriate wedding outfit is important for 3 main reasons: 1. For all you single ladies, you never know who you might meet 2. You are going to be in a lot of pictures that continually surface throughout the years and, 3. Support your friends and make a good impression, oh! And I nearly forgot the most important reason of all, when we look our best we have the most fun!

Here are some wedding dress options for party guests, some are a definite do and others are a definite don’t…

Suzi Chin Lace Overlay Sheath Dress For Casual Weddings $60

Boat neck and covered shoulders make this dress appropriate for any service.

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Ali Ro Novelty Stripe Dress For Youthful Wedding Guests$225

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Belted Wool Dress For Wedding Guests $80

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Fancy Dress For Wedding Guests, Evening Dress with Sheer Skirt $300

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Women’s Chiffon Cocktail Dress $400

For a fancier wedding, this dress is a show-stopper for a wedding guest to wear.

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Adrianna Papell Sheath Dress $106

Vertical piping, keyhole back detail, lace all over.

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a papell dress


Now, for  the worst dresses you can wear as a wedding guest.

Worst #1– Short and Skanky Dress

This dress might be cute for a night out with your girlfriends but don’t you dare wear this dress to a friend’s wedding—I don’t care how good your boobies look in it!



Worst #2: A Long White Gown

You are not trying to show up the bride here!



Worst # 3: A Dress That Doubles As A Halloween Costume….

Once again, we are not trying to show up the bride; and in a dress this big and colorful, you’ll be natural eye candy, and probably not in a good way.



Worst #4: Oh, And No Fake Nudity Either…


Author: Becky

Hello! I am a horseback riding writer with an incessant fetish for shopping and sharing the best gift ideas on the market.

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